Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Baby Progress

I thought it might be fun to compile all of the progress pictures I've taken of myself this pregnancy. Mostly because I've noticed that the last month my body has literally EXPLODED.
No, honestly, it's true. You'll get to see for yourself soon enough! 
Bodies are so cool, girls' bodies are super cool. And growing a tiny baby is pretty fun. I highly recommend it to everyone considering!

Pregnant. Ten weeks along or something. Tired but thankfully never sick.

Twelve weeks along, and backpacking!
I remember being so tired when we finally got to our campsite that afternoon/evening.

Oh yes. A bathroom picture. Fourteen weeks.

Pregnancy announcement ideas.
19 weeks.

Announced on my birthday, and 19 weeks along.

Still 19 weeks.

21 weeks, and more bathroom pictures. (:

Was working at my practicum, and the cancer center. 
22 weeks along.

I felt like I was really starting to show, especially when I would only eat cookies for lunch...
22 weeks-ish.

25 Weeks!

25 Weeks!

30 weeks and bronchitis. 

30 Weeks and Christmas!

33 Weeks and heading to church.

34 Weeks

35 weeks.

37 Weeks...and waiting patiently.

38 weeks and walking way too many miles all the time. Plus, yoga is my favorite thing. Maybe ever.
Currently 39 weeks, but don't have any photographic evidence to prove it.
Baby girl, come on already!

Good-bye February, Hello Baby Month!

February is such a good month, but it's not baby month, and so I can say adios! February was however filled with so many fun activities, and love, love, love!

Baby girl added a few pounds to her body.
And to mine...

Q & I made a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's, and a cheesecake!
No documentation of the cheesecake because I forgot.

I've been wanting to re-arrange our bedroom for a little while now, and we finally got to it.

It was helpful that we needed a place to put BB girl's things in the fairly near future. So for one whole weekend, we arranged furniture, and got out all the baby clothes we've been gifted, and organized everything! It was way more fun for me than for Quentin I think. But he definitely still loved it.

Also, we went in for our appointment this last Friday, and my doctor told me I'd shrunk!
I didn't know that was possible...

But, it worried my doctor enough that we got to do another ultrasound.
He was actually worried that I'd stopped producing amniotic fluid, and told us that if it was below a certain number I'd be getting induced that day...
That was a tiny bit terrifying, because first off, we didn't have anything packed or ready, and also, I really want this to be a March baby! And I didn't want to be in labor for dayssss.

The good news is that everything looked great, and she's just apparently pretty itty bitty. I guess we'll get to see for ourselves in the next little while! (Crossing fingers that it's sooner rather than later...)

Okay, but seriously. I'm already obsessed with her perfect lips.
Come on Baby Girl, join the party already!

I'm also officially done with my practicum for this semester. I finished yesterday, and it'll be so nice to have a free couple of days each week. But I'm going to miss it much more than I anticipated! I had the best supervisor, and learned so much from her, and really became good friends with her, and I'm going to miss all of that! Plus, the kiddos. So many good, sweet and fun kiddos that I got to test and treat every day. I love speech so much, and am glad it was such a great experience this semester. But I guess I'm also ready to take care of a teeny tiny baby all the time too. (:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goodbye Tonsils!

Quentin's been needing his tonsils out for a while now. Brenda finally told him that if he was going to do it, he'd better do it while he was still on her insurance. The end of that is coming up quick! 
So we ended up yanking those babies out.
Quentin's never had surgery before, and he's never, ever been under general anesthesia before either! He kept asking people what it was like to be put to sleep, and I told him, it's like the best nights sleep of your life that only lasted for what feels like two minutes.
I also told him it would be really great if he tried to tell a joke while they were putting him under, because guaranteed he wouldn't be able to make it to the punch line, and then they'd all be left in suspense! I wish I knew what joke he picked, he doesn't remember...

He was such a good patient, and the Doc said the surgery went great. Pretty quick and easy. I think we were in the hospital a total of three or four hours.

We've been told the recovery for this surgery is a solid two weeks. This first week wasn't too terrible, he's been watching hours upon hours of YouTube, and studying for his next aviation test, all while eating mashed potatoes and all the popsicles he wants.
I do get a little bit jealous when I have to get my pregnant belly all ready in the mornings still and get to work or the school by 8am every day...
Also, mostly because Quentin has made my breakfast and lunch every day for the past two semesters, and now I have to do that myself...It's been rough I tell ya!

He really has been the easiest patient though, and it's kind of fun to baby him a bit before he gets to baby me and a tiny baby soon!

Monday, January 30, 2017

2017! The year of the baby.

It's officially 2017, and that means the year of big changes in the Wright household!

Baby girl coming in hot the beginning of March.
Quentin graduating the first of May!
Moving somewhere, outside of Utah, and Quentin with his first big-kid job!

We're both so excited for this year, and all the great things to come. Hooray for moving forward and onward with our lives. 

January has already been a crazy busy month. I feel like it just started, and wham! It's the end! 
But also, this January has been so annoying, so I'm not terribly sad to see it go.
I've been busy working at the Cancer Center here in Logan. It's a fabulous job, I do all my homework, and occasionally update my blog! No, I kid, I do a whole lot more than that, but I try not to.
I'm also thoroughly enjoying my practicum this semester. I love elementary-aged kids!
There's no whining! Also, if you're pregnant around kids, they think you're super-human or something. I'm not kidding. And they all love you. Also, you can play way better games, and these kids actually care that they can't talk, and so you have so much more progress!
Overall, I like it a heck of a lot better. 
It's also beneficial that I'm more than halfway done with this practicum, and I've only been going for four weeks! I should have babies more often, they're pretty handy in accelerating your schooling.

Now for the photo dump, and catch-up on this whole month:

Look! A little bit of Austrian love came my way. 
Now, to find a way to get Q and I over there in the next couple years...


Other than snow, and cold, and colds; January has been filled with preparing for a little baby, and lots of school work. Quentin is also going under the knife tomorrow - he's getting his tonsils out!
It seems weird that I'm so excited for him, but I'm just happier that he'll be healthier, supposedly...
We did make the mistake of YouTube-ing a tonsillectomy though.
I gagged the whole time, and it honestly looks so painful. Then I couldn't stop feeling sorry for Quentin and of course he took advantage of that. I bought him five different types of ice cream, and cleaned out the grocery store of Gatorade's in preparation for his recovery. 
Here's to hoping all goes well!

That weird MadGab-esque game that you play without being able to use your lips? 
If you're an SLP, you'll probably win, because you're so used to listening to people who can't say their sounds correctly. It's kind of an unfair advantage in my opinion.

Also, tiny clothes and shoes!
I look a little stoned here. 
Someday's when I come home from work or school, I'm so tired I just can't even. 
This day was one of those days.

Church. The one time I shower and curl my hair in the same day!

One snowy, depressing Saturday, Chels asked me if I wanted to come over to sew!
I'm a sucker for crafting, and especially for crafting with friends, so I went over and we made a bunch of adorable burp clothes, and actually mostly just chatted. 
Later that day though, I got the sewing bug, and decided that I wanted to learn how to make some tiny bows I've been seeing all over on cute little girls, and plus, they look dang easy.
I have lots of fabric scraps, like any good crafter should, so I experimented, and made cute bows!
However, in the process I broke my sewing machine, and proceeded to have a meltdown, which Quentin so graciously halted, and then he fixed my machine!
Again, YouTube to the rescue.
But also Quentin, because he has the stable mind to think through things like that when I don't. Which is most of the time unfortunately.
And look, he's not even frustrated.

Also, he's the cutest and sends me selfies while he's working. 
His are always cuter than my dramatic-look-like-I'm-dying ones...ha!

We ventured up to campus the other day to see all the snow sculptures that have been crafted by single people. You know they're single because 
1. They care
2. They have the time for that
3. It's worth it to spend time with other people to them in the freezing cold, rather than snuggle in bed.
They have to be single.
But, there are some cool snowmen, and dragons, and ducks, and igloos!
Quentin's idea was to enter this one igloo that required sliding in and out on your bootay. 
Let's just say that was pretty comical getting me in and out of there in one piece

And now. A picture that I look highly pregnant in!
34 weeks, and feeling fine.
Waiting and wishing for the next five weeks to fly on by!