Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wright Christmas Card 2017

2017 brought lots of change for us the Wright’s
    a new baby, a move to California and lots of flights.
Quentin graduated and now can fix all the planes
    got a big boy job, and loves it more than Becca’s labor pains.
He spends his days working on flying cars
    but it’s top secret, and looks like it came from Mars.
Becca has been busy with grad school, and keeping Bridgett alive
    We’ll be lucky if that girl survives to twenty-five.
Becca spends her days at the hospital too
    Helping people learn how to speak, swallow, and chew  
Bridgett Layne was born on March 9th
    and she’s been upholding the standard of some not so silent nights.
She spends her days waving and making messes
    learning to walk and giving the best open mouth kisses.
We are so grateful for this wonderful time of year
    to celebrate family and Christ with lots of cheer!

So obsessed with this girl.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bridgett 5 Months

This month went by quick! 
We spent most of it on vacation, and Bridgett learned a bunch new tricks. She sits up all the time now, and is kind of demanding when she wants you to get her off the floor. She can't get herself into the sitting position, but she can definitely keep herself there. However, she's taken a few falls to the face, poor girl. It's a game changer though, now that I can put her in the front of a shopping cart. Game changer I say! 
She rolls from front to back, and this month figured out back to front! She's now on the move, and is so happy and pleased with herself. When I put her down in the living room to play, it takes her less than two minutes to get stuck under the coffee table. And it's a guarantee that that's right where she's headed. She also likes to push herself backwards, and tries so hard to get forward, but she just hasn't figured it out yet. 
Bridge doesn't love real food. She'll chomp on a carrot, or a piece of watermelon, or other foods, but when she finally breaks off a chunk she hates it and makes the worst faces while spitting it out. We haven't forced her to eat obviously, just let her try our food because she's always reaching for it!
That's another thing, she reaches for everything, and she wants it all in her mouth too.
The other day at Lowe's I was buying paint for a project Quentin and I are working on, and so I handed her a paint sample card to crinkle while I was getting the paint mixed. Not two minutes later I looked down, and she'd eaten the whole thing, and blue was EVERYWHERE. 
Funny how she won't eat real food, but man she loved that paint sample. 
Her poop was also blue the next day, but I think it's finally all out of her system now.

As for things she did this month!
We started out by heading to the San Juan Islands with all the Adamson's! We flew in to Seattle(first class! Due to a long delay, and a cute baby) and Hailey picked us up from the airport, and then we all headed to Dan and Haylee's in Sedro-Woolley. They have a great set-up, and some cute small town living.
Monday we all headed to the ferry, and Orcas Island sans Dan and Haylee, because she was going to have a baby any day, and we set up camp, and explored! We spent a lot of time cooking over a fire, and swimming, and kayaking, and hiking. We went to a bunch of really impressive waterfalls close to the campsite, and also up to the top of Mt. Constitution. It was so fun to get to spend a lot of time with Justus and Marian, Alden, Marcella, Jay and Cutler because we don't get to see them enough. Brett and Cassie came for a bit, and we spent a lot of time with Hailey girl and my parents. Bridge was loved by all her cousins, and I'm excited to see her grow up with them. There are so many right about her same age that it just makes me happy that they'll be so close.

We headed home from the islands on Friday, and bright and early Saturday morning we packed up to go to Loon Lake with the Wright's. It's always a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Nothing is really expected of you, and you get to swim when you want, ski when you want, read a book if you want, etc. There's tons of great food, and lots of people to do things with. Bridgett loved the boat, and took many naps on it. She also loved the hot tub, and the lake. We took her kayaking and peddle boating and paddle boarding and jet skiing! I think she like jet skiing the most - smart girl. 

After the lake Quentin had to fly back to California to get back to work, and I stayed an extra week to hang out with family more. My Aunt Julie and Uncle Roger flew in, and it was such a treat to see them for a few days! It was fun to do my favorite summertime activities with little Bridgey. We swam and walked with the ladies, and picked a lot of blackberries and raspberries (my most favorite summer activity), and swung on the swings, and rode horses and four-wheelers, and picked a lot of gardens. We even helped Brenda can one day, which I loved. The night before our flight Alaska airlines called and told me that my flight had been cancelled! So they booked me on a red-eye, but I wasn't sure I wanted that in my life, so I rescheduled and got them to fly me into the closer airport! Wahoo! Go team Alaska. When we finally landed and Quentin got out of the car, Bridgett's face was priceless. She just lit right up when she saw her Daddy. It had been a week, and it was so obvious how much she loved him, and had definitely missed his face. She was so happy and smiley and giggley, and I've never seen something so sweet and tender. I want us to go away again for a while, just so I can see it again!

We love our little five-monther, and so enjoy seeing her grow and turn into her own little self. Everyone should have kids, it really is such a great adventure. :)