Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pit Stop: UK

First stop - LONDON!

Of the utmost importance: BRENDON's love note.
He somehow, secretly, sneakily and scandalously hid a note here in London for me.
At Westminster Abbey nonetheless.
Ps. It didn't disappoint.

Dad and Mum. (As she wishes to be called these days)
Walking the streets of good 'ol London town.

Hailey baby. In front of the Tower of London.
We went and saw Singing in the Rain.
And Hailey has been singing the song ever since.
We all loved it.

Modeling one of our hotel rooms.
Big Ben.
Mum. Me. The Harry Potter bridge in the background?
This was on the Harry Potter walk we took, accidentally. We didn't know anything about Harry Potter and couldn't keep up the with the rest of the fans. So we took pictures.
Mum. Lookin like a bum.
It's reallllllllly cold here. And we didn't bring enough layers.
Buckingham Palace
Riding the double-decker buses.
Something we've gotten real good at here.
The one thing I remember from those books.


We jumped on a train on Monday and rode all the way to York.

I was unprepared emotionally, physically, spiritually, manually, intentionally and all other -ally words for the beauty and loveliness that York had to offer. It was so quaint and cute and nice and friendly and cozy, and I didn't want to leave.
Everyone: Go to York. Except, don't tell everyone. Because it needs to stay cute and little.
Our street.

The York Minster.
1,000 year old stained glass.
Also, they have the famous Rose stain glass in here. But I didn't get a picture. oops.
Leftover ruins from an Abbey in York that Henry VIII destroyed.

Looks like a picture? It's real life.
York real life.

The Dean's house.
The Minster in the background.
Cute #1 and cute #2 in the foreground.
And growing up. And all of a sudden, I feel ancient.
Walking out of York. Really, it couldn't have been more perfect.

Next stop 

We rented a car.
Dad started driving on the wrong side of the road.
There's only been one  minor one was injured.
Thirsk Church.
Ever heard of a Mr. James Herriott? Well, he was married here.
ALSO, he's the WHOLE reason we came here.
We stalk our favorite authors, nbd.
Thirsk. A real farm-town in the Dales.
Sooooo pretty. And they have a horse racetrack.
Also the oldest movie theater still standing in all of Europe.
We went.
Want to learn how to speak like a kid from Yorkshire? Here's how.

After Thirsk we drove up to Ripon, and the famous Fountains Abbey. It poured rain all that day and Hailey and I puddle stomped in the thousand year old remnants of an enormous building.
Then we drove to the Bolton castle. Which...was a mini let-down. Castles are cool. But not freeze your buns off cool.
And the Abbey was way better.
And then we drove over Swale Dale. And hung out with all the baby sheeplings. I never knew I liked those animals, but they're really cute, and they suck me in like baby thighs, and chubby cheeks.

We stayed the night in a REAL castle. We'll get to that later. But it was awesome. And now we're in SCOTLAND!
And I come home in a week.

Also, I get to see this kid in exactly one week:
You might say I'm thrilled. :)
But it would be an understatement.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here's the story morning glory:

I went to Salzburg.
I had a real good time.
I fell in true true love.
And I want to live there until the day I die.

And here are some pictures to prove it.