Saturday, May 19, 2012

Home Again

I'm home.
Anti-climatic, I know.

Except that if you knew everything that has happened since my return you wouldn't say it was anti-climatic. But that stuff is saved for the real journal. Or maybe I'm going to just lose it in my memory. So posterity doesn't judge me.

I'm actually really grateful to be home. I missed Washington. I missed Hailey babsters. I missed my mother. I missed working for my dad. I missed working in general (odd. I know. ALSO, this doesn't mean I'm a work-aholic. Heavens no. I am always always always up for a new adventure. And also, I am pretty great at not working.) I missed driving. Scratch that. I miss the public transportation in Vienna. I missed Brendon. I missed seeing bald eagles fly over my home. I missed hearing political debates in English. I missed the English language, kind of. It's a love-hate relationship. I missed peanut butter. I missed s'mores. And I might have missed having access to tv shows via hulu or netflix. Don't judge me. So I'm grateful to be back. And I'm mostly grateful that I had the opportunity to go to Vienna and to see the world as a young girl. Because I will never get that opportunity again. And also, because the world is so much better when you don't have responsibilities, or plans. Just money to burn. Definitely the best way to do it. Money to burn.

We herded sheep. True story.

Oh yes, this is my favorite place.

We're girls.
We like baby sheepsters.

Goodbye England. Goodbye Scotland. Goodbye Europe. You've been oh so gracious to me. I will forever be indebted to your culture and history and your endless goodness. You will always be loved by me. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.