Monday, December 2, 2013

A Whole Year?

Feels weird that it's been a whole year already when I swear all the excitement, and anticipation of the wedding day was barely three weeks ago! How did the year pass so quick?!

I guess we have done quite a bit in these short twelve months.
Many moves for one. Switching schools, and multiple jobs. And vacation after vacation!
It has been the most wonderful year.
Being married has taught me many things, Quentin has made me a much better individual.
We are so thankful for the temple in our lives, and how richly blessed we have been in just this short year.

Our friend MarLyn Hill in our ward here in Logan took our family photos for our anniversary.
We waited for the snow, because I love the snow, and headed up to the canyon for an enchanting time. It was so remarkable. And a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.

This one's my favorite. He makes me laugh every day.

I promise we aren't in love with ourselves, but we are in love with each other.

We celebrated our Anniversary on our way home for Thanksgiving by staying in our same honeymoon chateau. Oh la la! It was lovely. And a great way to reminisce on our first year, of many more to come, in our marriage. We discussed some of our favorite moments.

The most wonderful wedding anyone could ever ask for. It was perfect in every single way. We loved all that could come, and celebrate with us, and the reception! People still tell me to this day that it was the prettiest, and most fun reception they've ever been to. I'm pretty biased, but I have to agree with them.

Living in Rexburg for a few short weeks after getting married. Our only furniture was camping chairs, and we used cups as rolling pins for pizza. We also decided NOT to splurge on a three dollar shower curtain, and took showers with the other holding a towel. Talk about getting to know each other quick!

Living in Washington last winter and getting to be close to both families for an extended amount of time. 

Honeymooning in Tamarack, Idaho. Staying at the ski resort, but not skiing one day because it was 
-15* to -25* every day. And not minding one bit.

Both of us working at the same time, so every night could be date night. It was a little tough to come back to school. But now I can't wait to get in to grad school! Working is not my favorite pastime.

Being lucky enough to live close to the farm house to get to go horse back riding with little Hailey girl every Saturday. Her favorite, and our favorite. She is growing up to be one entertaining girl.

Quentin growing out his beard for my Valentine's present! He was so mountain man-y.

Hunting the llama on the ranch for days on end.

Moving back to Rexburg for summer term, and making best friends. Also, we signed up for a couple's retreat through BYUI. Each couple was outfitted with their own private cabin> In order to save packing space, and not have to lug it to the cabin, we only brought one sleeping bag, and one pillow. Which meant that we also ended up sharing a twin mattress bunk bed. And also ending up as being quite possibly one of the worst nights sleep of our lives. Haa!

Pack Saddle Lack. Yellowstone. Camping camping and more camping! We really do love the outdoors, and rivers. Any form of heat and water is good.

Leavenworth in the fall. We went up for their summer theatre to see The Sound of Music in the mountains. If you love The Sound of Music(like I love The Sound of Music...hello, been on the tour in Salzburg. Sang the songs the entire way through. Ps. Great times)I recommend that you go at least once in your life. It was spectacular.

Moving to Logan. Making more new friends. Hiking, camping, buying a scooter, buying a motorcycle, dying our hair, having the best time of our lives.

Quentin, this year has been the most exciting and wonderful year of my life. I'm so glad that you finally realized I was the girl to marry (: It took us long enough, but I wouldn't change anything about it. You make life so fun, and so enjoyable. I love that about you, and I am grateful that you can be mine forever.
All my love,

Monday, November 11, 2013


The fall weather here has been perfect.
Quentin takes me on many many motorcycle rides.
He says it's romantic, but really it just makes my hair really knotty.
But I still love it, cause I get to hold on really tight.
Also, we bought helmets the other day. It makes me nervous to go so fast, on just two little wheels, and with no protection to protect our cute faces. So I made him buy helmets.
A well spent purchase I think.
This is from one of our rides:

Good looking man!

Date night at the abandoned arcade. 
The mall here is slightly less than nice. But it does have an arcade! And there is never anyone in there, so we made it date night, and we played for hours, and only spent seven dollars!
I am reminded of my great childhood.
We used to own a nintendo, but weren't allowed to play it often, so my brothers would all sneak down to the basement and try to play without getting caught. I was mostly a spectator. 
But it never lasted very long, because boys playing video games typically escalates into yelling and fighting so...not that sneaky I guess.

My cute old Freshman roommate Kayla lives here in Logan too!
It's been really fun to catch up with her, and hang out with her and her cute husband. They are really fun, and they invited us over to carve pumpkins a while back. Quentin just wanted to practice safety with ours, and buckled him in. He's going to be the best daddy. (:

Also, sometimes we hang out with a lot of single people?
Seriously. We do. I never expected that for after getting married, but none of Quentin's buddies are married, and they invite us to things all the time. It's pretty fun, because girls are always telling me guys they like, and it's real girl talk, but I'm not having to be involved (so grateful for that). But the downside is that they are always making us stay out so late! I have become a total wimp and 10:30pm is rough for me these days. I know. Pathetic. I can't help it. 

And Sara Bleazard came up to visit!! I love that girl. Always have.
We got to reminisce about hanging out on the dairy farm, and riding horses back and forth to each others houses before we could drive. I'm pretty certain that our parents didn't even know we did that for the longest time. It was a weekend of quality girl time, and I LOVED it.
Sara. Come back any time!
We both love you.

Also, while Sara was here we decided to adopt a kitten! Super great Saturday activity, right?
My idea. We named ours Walter. And Sara named hers Chandler. 
We fell in love with little Walter, really fast. He's so cute, how can you not?

Becca Turns 24!

Happy birthday to me!!!
Twenty four, it sounds so sophisticated, and adulty, and responsible, and older.
But definitely not OLD.
Old is a state of mind, and believe me, I'm as young as they come.
My birthday was fabulous, as usual. With Quentin in my life, pretty much every day is fabulous.
Roger and Brenda sent my presents early...and I tried really really hard to wait until my birthday, but Quentin and I can justify a lot of things. Opening early birthday presents is just one thing. (:
Thanks Roger & Brenda!! (I only opened one early...)
Also, I've been asking my mom for a sewing machine for a whole year. Maybe more.
I typically have had access to a good sewing machine, but then when we moved here to Logan, I realized that I was deprived, and I couldn't make any thing cute without one!
I was so happy and surprised when it came in the mail. But my mom made my promise to wait till October the fourth to open it. I have never used so much self control.
Except maybe when Quentin and I were engaged. Maybe.

My birthday was a Friday, and Quentin has late school on Friday's. So he woke up and made us breakfast, complete with hot cocoa. Which birthday's are not birthday's without. Obviously.
And then we opened presents! Well, the ones from our families. We have the very best families.
Then I had to go to work. Agh. That lame job.
I have seriously planned out twelve different lying scenarios to quit that job.
But then today I decided I'm just going to tell her the truth when I quit. I hate it there.
And the boss acts like she's twelve. The end.
But enough about the job. Back to the celebration!

Quentin gets home from school the same time I get back from work which is pretty convenient. 
He had planned a scavenger hunt all around the house hiding my presents in secret places.
Also, the best part? The presents had been hidden in their same spots for DAYS.
This says one of two things.
1. Either I don't clean very well, and get in every nook and cranny or
2. Quentin has some serious hiding skills.
Quentin has many talents, so I think I'm just going to add hiding skills to that list.
Then he took me out to sushi for birthday dinner. Hooray!
I think that's going to have to be tradition in the Wright household. It's nice to have an occasion for sushi. Birthday's are the perfect excuse.

After dinner we went to Quentin's mission reunion.
If you know anything about our history, you know that Quentin's mission reunion has been the topic of many funny conversations for us. But it turned out to be less exciting than hoped.
Still very fun though, and Quentin's mission president even knew it was my birthday!
Talk about listening to the spirit. (Or facebook...)
Anyway. I can tell that the year 24 is going to be a good one for me and Quentin!
And I have many many aspirations for this year.
All of which I will tell you about, at a later date.
Happy day!

The Great Outdoors.

Quentin and I have really been enjoying Logan's great outdoors.
The canyon is super close to our house, and we frequent that road often.
When it was warm, every day, I would try to get Quentin to go hiking with me every single day, but if you know Quentin well, you know that that didn't happen.
Quentin likes motors.
And he hates walking, especially if he could be motorbiking,or driving, or scootering. 
Basically on anything with wheels and a motor.
But I did get him to come with me many times, I'm a pretty convincing person I guess.
(Ginger gem cookies have a quick path to Quentin's heart).

So here we went on a lovely little walk. 
It's called the River Path. There's a stream right along the path.
I really wouldn't call it a river, but maybe that's because we grew up on the Columbia River, which dwarfs this little baby. Provo would call this a flood though. Provo's river is itty bitty.

This picture I took across the street from our house.
The sunsets are excellent here.
Also, I started going to the rec center aerobic classes at 5:45 IN THE MORNING.
Why? So I could see the sunrise when I come home.
Seriously, that's the reasoning behind all the madness.

I had to con Quentin to go hiking with me this day.
We went on what is called the Crimson Trail.
I know where it got its name- the leaves were breathtaking!
I had to convince(aka lie to) Quentin to get him to come with me.
I said it was a short hike, and also, very very flat.
In my defense I really didn't know anything about it, but I was very very wrong.
It was super long! We ran across a couple people who'd been there all day. We decided maybe, just maybe we wouldn't go the whole way. But we made it to the top, and then turned around.
There was this perfect place to just sit and stare at the little world beneath us.
That's my favorite part about hiking, going so high that everything beneath you looks mini.
I just love mini things.

And on our way down, we ran into Quentin's cousin taking her bridal pictures!
Good times.

We bought a motorcycle?
Yeah, Quentin also has superb persuasive powers.
He said it was my birthday present, but he won't let me drive it alone.
But to be honest, I don't mind. I'm not the kick starters biggest fan.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wind caves

Labor Day, 2013.

It's no secret Quentin is obsessed with my bum.
I had to confiscate the camera after this.

The China Wall here in Logan. 

The cutest and funniest hiking partner.
Love his little boy grin here.


At least he included my face in this one.

Quentin's nice legs.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


We moved, and it's big news.
#1. Because Quentin was transferring schools
#2. Because it means I have to look for a job (my least favorite thing in this life)
#3. We got to open our wedding presents!!!
Guys, it's been over nine months since we got married, and JUST now opening those things.
Talk about some serious excitement.

Also, this is move #7 in eight months. 
Is that normal?...
I suggest that it is NOT. 
And I know this is dumb, and petty, but I'm reallllllly excited to finally have all my clothes in the same place.
Totally dumb.
Don't judge.
We all have our weaknesses.

Our apartment is super cute. And little.
And we love it.

And this is everything we own packed into the living room and kitchen.
A beautiful disaster of sorts.
Don't worry, we've got it all figured out now.
Feel free to visit!

Utah State University

I feel like I need a little disclaimer here:
Utah State University is NOT University of Utah.
Believe me.
We would never attend that devil school, no matter how much they were going to pay us.
But, Utah State is also not a church school, and so there is no dress code. 
Quentin has been looking forward to the day he can wear a beard to campus for as long as I have known him. And that, is a very long time.

GIANT Quentin on his way to school.
Mini Quentin on his way to school.
 Which is the real one??? 
Just kidding. 
He's neither.

I married a carpenter.
And I didn't even know it.

Quentin is my favorite.
He's a Pinterester.
And if he knew that I threw him out like that, I may never get the benefits of said Pinteresting ever again.
So keep it on the DL.
Plus, he's the best Pinterester I know.
He doesn't just pin random pretty things and like to look at them once in a while.
No, he gets these ideas in him head, and then researches on Pinterest how others have done things similar, and then he makes his own projects!
He's kind of a genius.

So we moved here to Logan, our favorite sister-in-law, who lives in California, Sam sent us all her erxtra furniture, because she now lives in a furnished place.
And we love her dearly for it.
We didn't have a table to go beside our bed.
And that gets annoying when you need to drink gallons of water at night, and you have to run to the kitchen every single time. Or when you're trying to read with a lamp that's on the floor shining up at you, blinding your eyeballs because it's 100 watts of pure lightness straight into your retina.
One needs a side table.
And Quentin begged me to let him make one.
I kid you not, he begged me.
And of course I let him.
So here he is starting out with just plain old pieces of wood and a few saws.
Plus, his geniusness.

We are going to white-wash it. But for now.
We have a table.

That's all for today. The end.