Friday, March 15, 2013

Bad News

Yeah, we have a little bit of bad news.

I don't really hate my job anymore.

I know, quick turnaround. But today it's not terrible.
And these kids really like me, and when people like me, it's really hard
for me to not like them anymore.
So, I'm beginning to like them. Which is only slightly
out of the ordinary and out of the blue.
And I can't help it.
I don't mind getting up and leaving for school.
Thank goodness I have planning period that first hour.
And the few kids who still get on my nerves, I just give them detention if they act out.
And that releives all my stress.
In fact, I'm beginning to think that if you really want to releive some
stress in your life you should maybe become a Junior High Teacher.
And you can assign detention and ISS to anyone at any time.
It's kind of amazing.
And actually a few of my kids are really sweet and I like talking with them.
I still have the druggies.
And I tell them every day that drugs are going to ruin their lives.
I think it's sticking with them.

Also. Today is the birthday of one of the girls in my Language class.
She brought cupcakes for everyone.
I'm a serious sucker for sweets.
And now I have to go, class is starting and all...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just A Little Haitus

I know I'm late, and I know that I have been more than inactive in the blogging world, but...I have been slacking at journaling now too, and I can blog at school so...this is happening.

Happiest beginning to our ever after.
 Let's see.
Since last time.
I am married!
Still working on the whole name change thing, it might take me a while.
Married life is the best life. It is seriously one big endless slumber party with your best friend.
AND. No one ever tells you what to do because they think you're some kind of adult now, and therefore you can think for yourself. Which ends up being that you can do anything you want, whenever you want.
Make the bed? -- Absolutely, I can't stand getting into an unmade bed.
Do the dishes? -- Yeah, those too, I'm not a huge fan of messes.
Fold your laundry? -- Now this one is pushing it, maybe we should just buy more clothes?
Making lunches is not my favorite thing in the world.
Seriously, let's get to that stuff.
Quentin is on a break from school right now. He has those really weird semesters at BYU-Idaho. No complaints. And well, I graduated. (Let me just say it again. I graduated.) So I'm all freedom these days. Which means that Quentin and I are both just working...and making the big can vacation all the time riiiight?? Basically. We deeply believe in weekend trips. They're good for the soul.

Quentin is working for Scot McGary, a contractor, so he does manly grunt work all day long, and he's getting tan already, which I sometimes find disgusting. Actually it's so cute, but I'm way jealous.

I was substitute teaching in Connell, until just recently, when they asked me to take a long-term substituting assignment, one where I just become the teacher and have to step in for the whole rest of the year.'s absolutely terrifying. Not just because it is with junior high kids all day, but because I have ZERO education training. I mean zero. Like...I didn't even take that children's literature for elementary school teachers class I considered. I didn't even take the Seminary teaching class I knew would be helpful in life. And I never ever in a million stinking years ever wanted to be a teacher. I mean, I always thought teachers had the rough life. Sure you get three months off for summer, but what about ALL THAT GRADING?? And all those kids who cling to you and rub their snot all over you and bully you and call you names and terrorize your classroom? Seriously, I never wanted to be that teacher. Speech Therapist? Yes, please. But never ever the teacher. Plus, teachers deal with discipline, and let me tell you something I'm not good at. Discipline. So here I am, teaching, exactly what I said I never wanted to do. guessed it. I hate it.

It's not the actual teaching that I hate though. That's kind of fun. I mean, they give you a huge teacher's book (coolest things by the way) and vualah you look like you know everything in the world when you're using that thing. So that's not actually the worst part. I hate the kids. I do. And I don't even mind saying it, becuase I work with only devil children. And I get so excited when they cross the line because then I get to send them out of my classroom and to the Principal's office where they get up to 16 hours of detention. And that's what they all deserve. Yup, I hate the kids.

Okay. Let's talk more life.
I had my first grad school interview a few weeks ago. It was with Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. It was an online conference call and I was pretty terrified. But, good news. I rocked it.

Texas Tech Interview.

Quentin grew a beard for me for Valentine's day. It was glorious. I loved it, and sometimes miss it.
We shaved it together, while I cried.
He just looks so good with a beard, and without.
Actually, there really isn't any way he doesn't look good, so...

 This last weekend Quentin and I made a super fast, best decision, to run to Seattle for a fun vacation away from all the work. So. I called up the bestie, and the coolest lady to ever live in Seattle, and we were off! I got home from work on Friday, packed us up and we were out the door. We made it in record time too and it was the best reunion, much needed. We picked up Ana at her super cute apartment and went out for some real gelato. Definitely not a disappointment. And we just chatted and chatted and caught up on lives. So so so great.

Quentin and I in front of the Space Needle. He hadn't seen it in a long time. Also, the last time we were in Seattle together, which was this last summer. We were not the best of friends.

ANA! Seriously. She made the day so grand. Love and miss her.
Oh, and those bags of candy we're holding. Yeah...that's normal.

Pretty cemetary in Seattle we stopped at in Discovery Park.

Picture perfect lighthouse.

It was a necessity. Everyone needs their Pike's Place picture.
So, my parents have been on vacation for a while, which means that Quentin and I have free reign of their house. Which is practically glorious. We went for the longest four-wheeling ride of my life to the river and the bluffs above it. Amazing views. What we like to call a real BV. If you ever come visit me I'll take you there. Just saying.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Quentin and I just work and then play play play? Because we do. This whole being out of school thing is amazing. The other night for date night we went on a bike ride by the river. The weather has been beautiful lately and we desperately need it in our lives. We ran across a homeless person's hangout, and where we took some engagement pictures. And some swings, and a dock. It was a good bike ride. No complaints.

And the prettiest sunsets.
 Now to the goods. I don't think there are any secrecy lawas with teaching. I mean, no one ever briefed me on those so...probably not? Let's be honest though, no one briefed me on ANYTHING. I am seriously enjoying living in ignorance though. No one has ever said what the dress code is, so I enjoy jeans and skirts while all I see are slacks and kahkis. I said, I was thrown in to this and I feel like I am basically my own boss, with the principal as backup. Kay. So when I was subbing I had these two  little boys in my classes two days in a row. I died. Literally died. So cute and so great. LOOK AT THAT MULLET. It's the real deal folks. And he loves it. Also. The next one. MY OWN MY LITTLE PONY!! Every day is so good. Little update on teaching junior high. One of the girls in my class told the principal that they all love me and that I "just get them." I appreciate the compliment, really I do. Except...I AM NOTHING LIKE THEM!! Seriously, when I was in middle school I was all of their polar opposites. Oh well. It's definitely exciting.

A live My Little Pony!