Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rape Rexburg

Quentin and I live in Rexburg. We really love it. Especially in the summer time. Not too hot, not toooo cold (depends on the day), and there is SO much to do!
Did I also mention that IT IS BEAUTIFUL HERE? It is.
Quentin's busy going to school right now. It takes up a lot of his time, and should definitely take up more of his time, but he is married to me. And, well, call me high-maintenanced, but I like hanging out with him.
I am not going to school right now, thanks to that college degree in my back pocket. I also, am not working right now. Just volunteering at a couple different places, and planning planning planning. Which...after that middle school stint of mine, I needed a good break. So what do I do in my spare time?
I come up with really great adventures on how to RAPE REXBURG!
Rape Rexburg is something Quentin and I came up with during Sunday school...oops. Since we are moving in July, and not coming back here, we decided we needed to get every thrill, every adventure, every beautiful landscape out of this place before we leave it for new places and faces. And we're doing a really good job. Did I mention that I have copious amounts of time to dedicate to planning our time? I do.
Quentin and I like to be active. Which is a really good thing. Because Rexburg requires that from you if you plan to rape it. So that means we'd already done a lot of things here. (plus we were engaged here, meaning, we had to find productive activities to keep us on the straight and narrow) so we'd already been to the
+ Ice caves

+ hiked R mountain

+ been to Driggs, and shopped at their 'Kings Market'

+ explored all of the Mathews old farmstead on the border of Idaho and Wyoming.

+ been rock climbing

+ Flew our awesome, and HUGE hand-made kite until it crashed into the road. (and checked out each other's bums.)

+ golfed, golfed, golfed.

+ Swung on the haunted swings

+ bonfired at the sand dunes

+ gone off-roading at same said sand dunes

+ shot countless amounts of guns and bullets at the other sand dunes

+ been to the Teton Dam site, AND museum 

+ spent almost a whole night in the terrifying 'warming hut'

+ biked to Sugar City 

+ Spent all day at the Green Canyon hot springs and pools in the dead of Winter.

 + and been in EVERY single store this cute town has to offer.

So this summer, we were venturing out. Hooray! We have a lot on our list, wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Best Life

I've come to a conclusion that the newlywed life is the best life.
If you disagreee, please, try to prove me wrong.
Also, I recommend that everyone get married.
I happened to marry a serious cutester. And he loves to surprise me with things. Mostly fun mysterious dates and outings or weekend trips or presents or my favorite cookies. He also is hilarious and too witty for his own good.
Yesterday he spoke in church. He told how we'd dated before his mission, and was hopeful to see me single when he got back. He then proceeded to toss me under the bus as he claimed angelic duties for two years and said all I did was break many a men's hearts. I was seriously embarrassed.
Anyway. Back to newlywed life. #1. I couldn't stay mad at him for long. And #2. He looks good all dressed up. So that helped his case, and he has that danged good smile.