Wednesday, July 17, 2013

17 Mile Cave

So this one time, we went caving, and no one, I mean no one remembered to bring flashlights.
But Quentin, he married a smart lady.
And she,(meaning me, he's NEVER allowed to marry anyone else),
she carries SPARKLERS in her car!
So we played with sparklers in the cave, until those ran out and then we all had to use our cell phones.
Which also worked, pretty well.

Looks enticing, yes?

Notice how we are in the middle of no where. AKA Rexburg.

Favorite pyro.

Also, don't get me wrong. I am madly in love with Quentin.
And I would do anything for him.
And I would never make fun of him...
But sometimes it's like living with a full grown kid. For example, I get enjoyment when he picks out his own clothes!

He's the best! And I love everything him, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.I.n.g.
He has really good style, and you all wish your husbands dressed the same.

Sorry Cody, we didn't get any pictures of you...

Ghost Town, USA

Thank-you Rexburg for having fun and explorative ghost towns around you.

We packed a picnic and spent the day driving around and exploring this cute town.

Except that we only found one and a half buildings...

Oh well, next time.

Some of us are a little more adventuresome than others.

We sent a picture of this to our Dad's, and had them tell us what it was.

The winner got our first born child named after them (regardless of gender)

The good news is that our Dad's are reallllllly smart, and also very fast texters.

The bad news is that our first baby is going to be named Kevger...

Favorite person, ever.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pack Saddle Lake

We like to camp!

Here's what we don't like though, PACKING in to a campsite.
Actually, it's not even the packing IN that's so bad, it's the packing OUT.
Death, death, death.
We should have been tipped off by the name of the lake...
Pack Saddle Lake...
we needed a DONKEY!
But, we only brought Quentin and his super strong muscles and hot bod.
We survived, and turns out, he is the nicest, bestest person on this planet.

From the top of the mountain, where you have to park. The lake is at the very bottom.

A few weeks back, it was still a little chilly here in Rexburg, Quentin and I decided it was time for our first camping trip of the year. So we called our trusty friends Chelsie and Cody McCary and let them know the details. They are the most willing people to go along with all of our ideas, and we LOVE them for it.
Thanks guys!
Anyway, Quentin and I had heard of a pretty lake, called Pack Saddle Lake, and we were pretty certain that we could get there with the directions provided on some random website.
(They were pretty bad, actually really bad.) 
For example: Go outside of Rexburg and turn right onto a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, after you read a sign that leads you to some ranch. Follow gravel road for ten miles, it will begin to get rough and you will not make it if you do not have four-wheel drive. Just keep going. You'll find it. They were bad.
It was a good thing we didn't take my car.

The roadtrip was eventful, and we got pretty lost, thanks to my directions. 
Also, at one point we decided Quentin's car shouldn't continue on such rough road, so we decided to get out and hike to see if we might find the lake. You know, if maybe it was just a little bit further up. 
We hiked for miles.
Found no lake.
So we turned around and called a local to guide us to it. 
(AKA Quentin's old mission buddy who lives near there.)
Turns out we weren't too very far off, but we were never going to find it without him. 
So we parked our car and loaded up our  bodies with all sorts of our lovely and fun camping gear.
And then hiked down to our campsite, which was, on the very edge of the lake. 
I have never camped in a more perfect location.
The water was freezing, so we didn't jump in. But there was a man-made diving board, and a pretty wonderful rope swing that we all swung on, and then struggled to get off, without falling in the water. 
Cody was the best at that...Quentin? A little less graceful. 

Chels and Cody and I had made tinfoil dinners earlier in the day, and so we started up a nice fire and threw our dinners in while we set up our tents and explored the land.
Quentin's mission buddy, Josh Berry and his girlfriend Destiny joined us for dinner and dessert. It was fun to meet new people and hear all about dating life. 
Because, without roommates and a singles ward, that doesn't happen anymore.
Boys talked about  boy things, and girls talked about girl things.
We ate some really splendid foods, and gorged ourselves on s'mores.
My absolute favorite food.
It rained a little bit, and enjoyed being in the middle of the mountains without anyone around.
It's wild how you can seclude yourself from the world so easily, but half an hour away is a bustling town. (not that Rexburg is wildly bustling...but you know what I mean.)

Man-made diving board

Hot hot hottie!

The next morning, we woke up and tried to make pancakes on our cast iron skillet. It was a flop. No pun intended. And then it started to rain, and hail...and... snow.
So...we decided to pack up as quick as possible and go to breakfast in town.
And that is exactly what we did!
And it was still a most wonderful camping trip!
We want to go back, but when it's hot hot hot, so we can go swimming next time.

Another couple came hiking around the lake, and Quentin took out his trusty binoculars to creep on them.
A man after my own heart.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Floating the Snake River

Well. We've moved!!!! No more Rexburg for us. We're back in Washington for a while, and working on reliving our glory days of bad communication, and cheap, great dates filled with swimming and boating and too many sunburns to count. As well as lots of family and really wonderful food.ALL day, every day. But I haven't finished posting all the things we did. And I have to document it. So our kids know they have the funnest and greatest parents. (we believe in brainwashing). So here is floating the snake! Quentin and I went by ourselves the first time, then invited our friends a bunch of other times. It was such great weather in Rexburg, I made Quentin go with me at least once a week. I know, I'm demanding, he loves it. Ohmygoodness. The first time we went, there were a ton of people and we were standing off to the side, and a little upstream from them, to wait for a spot, AND WE SPOTTED A COW!! I know, I grew up on a farm and cows are not exactly a noteworthy animal to point out. But this one was dead. One the side of the river, fell over the ledge, broke all his legs and died a miserable life dead. I think that was when I peed my pants a little bit. It was revolting, and then, Quentin wanted a picture with it. Yiiiikes. I bowed out of that idea.
And we jumped in the river anyway! And had a wonderful time, as always (: bye Rexburg!!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Couples Getaway

Believe me, it was skeeeetch.

If you didn't know, I stayed in Washington a few weeks longer than Quentin to continue teaching. So I got to Rexburg about the middle of May. The day after I got here we ran down to Monicello for my best friend Annie's wedding! Super fun, an absolutely beautiful wedding and SO good to see my friends after a long hiatus.

When we returned to Rexburg, Quentin told me he had a surprise for me! (I love surprises from him, always the best, and so thoughtful.) He had found some retreat, through the school, that takes you up to the mountains, and gives each couple their own cabin, and then you get to participate in the ropes courses, and hiking and dutch oven cooking, and a marriage seminar! Sounded pretttttttty great to me. And believe me, it was. The only thing we didn't know was that it may or may not have been for struggling couples, and we were well...let's just say, not sleeping separately in the bunk beds that were provided. (Makes for a real uncomfortable night. Did I mention that we shared one sleeping bag too?? I don't recommend it, even for the dedicated lovers)

When we got there we were assigned to our cabins, and told that dinner was at six. We were free to explore! It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I lived in Utah for over four years at the base of the Wasatch mountains, and they are remarkable, and amazing, but somehow, the Tetons here I just could not take my eyes off of! They are wild looking, and I love them. I would probably transport them with me everywhere I moved, if I could. Anyway. Dinner was delicious, and we all got to participate in a marriage seminar afterwards. We had to write our biggest fears for marriage on a piece of paper, and then everyone threw them into the middle of the room. We then each got a different persons and had to answer them, it was hard. My biggest fear in marriage is childbirth, and Quentin dying. I think I stumped them all. Also, I will be so mad at Quentin if he dies first.

The next morning Quentin and I woke up really early and hiked to the top of the mountain! And...these are the only pictures I got from it. Sorry! But it was fantastic!

I might have been a tiny bit afraid of ticks when we were laying here. I just don't like those darn things, but I'm also not even sure there are any Quentin tells me I need to get over that.

OH! And we did the ropes course! I wish we would have gotten a picture, but we didn't.
Quentin and I dominated, I know it's not a competition, and the whole "let's time you" thing, "but remember, it's NOT a competition," talk is just a bunch of bogusness. 
And, we rocked it. And I had bruises to prove it.