Thursday, August 29, 2013


We moved, and it's big news.
#1. Because Quentin was transferring schools
#2. Because it means I have to look for a job (my least favorite thing in this life)
#3. We got to open our wedding presents!!!
Guys, it's been over nine months since we got married, and JUST now opening those things.
Talk about some serious excitement.

Also, this is move #7 in eight months. 
Is that normal?...
I suggest that it is NOT. 
And I know this is dumb, and petty, but I'm reallllllly excited to finally have all my clothes in the same place.
Totally dumb.
Don't judge.
We all have our weaknesses.

Our apartment is super cute. And little.
And we love it.

And this is everything we own packed into the living room and kitchen.
A beautiful disaster of sorts.
Don't worry, we've got it all figured out now.
Feel free to visit!

Utah State University

I feel like I need a little disclaimer here:
Utah State University is NOT University of Utah.
Believe me.
We would never attend that devil school, no matter how much they were going to pay us.
But, Utah State is also not a church school, and so there is no dress code. 
Quentin has been looking forward to the day he can wear a beard to campus for as long as I have known him. And that, is a very long time.

GIANT Quentin on his way to school.
Mini Quentin on his way to school.
 Which is the real one??? 
Just kidding. 
He's neither.

I married a carpenter.
And I didn't even know it.

Quentin is my favorite.
He's a Pinterester.
And if he knew that I threw him out like that, I may never get the benefits of said Pinteresting ever again.
So keep it on the DL.
Plus, he's the best Pinterester I know.
He doesn't just pin random pretty things and like to look at them once in a while.
No, he gets these ideas in him head, and then researches on Pinterest how others have done things similar, and then he makes his own projects!
He's kind of a genius.

So we moved here to Logan, our favorite sister-in-law, who lives in California, Sam sent us all her erxtra furniture, because she now lives in a furnished place.
And we love her dearly for it.
We didn't have a table to go beside our bed.
And that gets annoying when you need to drink gallons of water at night, and you have to run to the kitchen every single time. Or when you're trying to read with a lamp that's on the floor shining up at you, blinding your eyeballs because it's 100 watts of pure lightness straight into your retina.
One needs a side table.
And Quentin begged me to let him make one.
I kid you not, he begged me.
And of course I let him.
So here he is starting out with just plain old pieces of wood and a few saws.
Plus, his geniusness.

We are going to white-wash it. But for now.
We have a table.

That's all for today. The end.

Saturday, August 10, 2013