Monday, December 2, 2013

A Whole Year?

Feels weird that it's been a whole year already when I swear all the excitement, and anticipation of the wedding day was barely three weeks ago! How did the year pass so quick?!

I guess we have done quite a bit in these short twelve months.
Many moves for one. Switching schools, and multiple jobs. And vacation after vacation!
It has been the most wonderful year.
Being married has taught me many things, Quentin has made me a much better individual.
We are so thankful for the temple in our lives, and how richly blessed we have been in just this short year.

Our friend MarLyn Hill in our ward here in Logan took our family photos for our anniversary.
We waited for the snow, because I love the snow, and headed up to the canyon for an enchanting time. It was so remarkable. And a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.

This one's my favorite. He makes me laugh every day.

I promise we aren't in love with ourselves, but we are in love with each other.

We celebrated our Anniversary on our way home for Thanksgiving by staying in our same honeymoon chateau. Oh la la! It was lovely. And a great way to reminisce on our first year, of many more to come, in our marriage. We discussed some of our favorite moments.

The most wonderful wedding anyone could ever ask for. It was perfect in every single way. We loved all that could come, and celebrate with us, and the reception! People still tell me to this day that it was the prettiest, and most fun reception they've ever been to. I'm pretty biased, but I have to agree with them.

Living in Rexburg for a few short weeks after getting married. Our only furniture was camping chairs, and we used cups as rolling pins for pizza. We also decided NOT to splurge on a three dollar shower curtain, and took showers with the other holding a towel. Talk about getting to know each other quick!

Living in Washington last winter and getting to be close to both families for an extended amount of time. 

Honeymooning in Tamarack, Idaho. Staying at the ski resort, but not skiing one day because it was 
-15* to -25* every day. And not minding one bit.

Both of us working at the same time, so every night could be date night. It was a little tough to come back to school. But now I can't wait to get in to grad school! Working is not my favorite pastime.

Being lucky enough to live close to the farm house to get to go horse back riding with little Hailey girl every Saturday. Her favorite, and our favorite. She is growing up to be one entertaining girl.

Quentin growing out his beard for my Valentine's present! He was so mountain man-y.

Hunting the llama on the ranch for days on end.

Moving back to Rexburg for summer term, and making best friends. Also, we signed up for a couple's retreat through BYUI. Each couple was outfitted with their own private cabin> In order to save packing space, and not have to lug it to the cabin, we only brought one sleeping bag, and one pillow. Which meant that we also ended up sharing a twin mattress bunk bed. And also ending up as being quite possibly one of the worst nights sleep of our lives. Haa!

Pack Saddle Lack. Yellowstone. Camping camping and more camping! We really do love the outdoors, and rivers. Any form of heat and water is good.

Leavenworth in the fall. We went up for their summer theatre to see The Sound of Music in the mountains. If you love The Sound of Music(like I love The Sound of Music...hello, been on the tour in Salzburg. Sang the songs the entire way through. Ps. Great times)I recommend that you go at least once in your life. It was spectacular.

Moving to Logan. Making more new friends. Hiking, camping, buying a scooter, buying a motorcycle, dying our hair, having the best time of our lives.

Quentin, this year has been the most exciting and wonderful year of my life. I'm so glad that you finally realized I was the girl to marry (: It took us long enough, but I wouldn't change anything about it. You make life so fun, and so enjoyable. I love that about you, and I am grateful that you can be mine forever.
All my love,