Friday, January 24, 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas

I know that I always post about holidays years after they happen.
I know.
I'm not even sorry because I just don't even care. So there.
This last Christmas was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. though.
High five for families living close and getting to double party all holiday long.
I really think I sometimes need a holiday from the holiday. Phew!

We had a good time at the ice skating show that Janine helped choreograph. 
Trav and Liv were the stars of the show!
Quentin and I asked Liv if she liked it and would do it again, her words "Uhm...I don't think so. Well actually, probably. I mean, I WAS the star of the show!"
Ha, we have fantastic nieces and nephews.

The stars of the show!

We had a blast at the famous Mathews Family Christmas Dinner!
Before Quentin and I got married he used to tell me all about this dinner, and how it was a huge tradition, that they will never ever ever get rid of. He made it sound a little bit like a family competition. Each family decorates a table with their finest china, there's a talent show and always Santa Clause. It was big deal. I specifically wasn't invited because he didn't think I'd make the cut...
Sam invited me though. So...I win.

Christmas Eve Roger called us and invited us to fly with him!
Pretty much...Quentin's dreams came true. 
And by that I mean, he got to sit in back with me, instead of flying the plane.
Sorry honey!
Our faces look huge, I apparently haven't ever mastered angles.

Quentin. He's a babe.

LOOK! It's my parent's house!! We buzzed it a couple times.
I love flying, we got so close one time I could see my siblings facial expressions. Yeah. Yikes.

Quentin loves flying more than the typical man, pretty sure.

This year Quentin has really gotten in to wood working. It was something I didn't even know he liked  before we got married. In fact, in the almost ten years we've been friends, I never knew he was so in to it.
But, boy am I glad he is!
He surprised me this Christmas by making us a fancy coffee table!
Check it out...

It's fancy, right?