Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love Day

What a lovely day to celebrate love!
Quentin and I have a yearly tradition. You see, I love his beard. I love it a lot.
So starting at Christmas he grows it out for me!!
And we count it as my Valentine's present, it's beautiful.
Plus, his beard grows in red, which is fitting for Valentine's, and it's so scruffy, and thick, and perfectly manly.
Very romantic, I know.

This is the best picture I could find of him with his full beard.

VALENTINE's Day was a success!
I went to work, which isn't all that terrible. Plus my boss gave me a box of cupcakes! You can't dislike people who give you cupcakes.
Quentin and I decided we were only going to make presents for each other this year. To stretch our imaginations, and also to make presents more heartfelt.
It worked!
I came home early, to Quentin making us my FAVORITE dinner! Salmon and Red Lobster cheddar cheese biscuits. That man is a good man. 
He had decorated the table beautifully, and written a nice and hilarious card. That I will not put on here, because it is also slightly embarrassing.

Also, I have told Quentin in the past that I do not like pre-cut flowers. I want plants! I want all the indoor plants my little house will allow! So I came home to this surprise!

He really is the best gift giver.

This cutie making me dinner (:

The after shave...

And then, just for fun, a little public display of affection for ya!
I hope you all had a happy Valentine's day!