Wednesday, April 30, 2014


First things first.
I'm employee of the month. And, all I can say is that, they chose well.
It's really nice have a close parking spot when I'm running late.
Which is every single day.

We went to Washington! My favorite place.
It started off well, obviously, because I let Quentin pick where we ate on the drive.
Surprise surprise he picked McDonalds.
I felt sick afterwards.

#1. We were able to go to the temple with Sam as she received her endowments.
I loved it. I love the temple. And I love this family.

#2. Hanging out with some of our favorite nieces!
They are the cutest, also, Liv is a poser.

#3. Spending quality time with these lovely ladies!
My mom and sister are the funniest people ever, and cutest.

How could you not love them?
Thanks for a great trip family!

Ps. Can you tell I colored my hair?