Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween party

Babysitting in North Carolina for the world travelers

Justus and Marian flew across the world to visit Marian's sister. And to enjoy their first long vacation child-less! When they asked me way back in February if I would be willing to watch their kids if they ever ended up going on a long trip, I jumped at the idea! They have the cutest, sweetest and funniest kids, and I wouldn't ever say no to mommifying it for a while.
Plus, these kids need some Aunt Becca time to seal the deal that I'm their greatest aunt. 
Spoiler alert: They all loooove me.

I flew in on a Tuesday, and Justus and Marian flew out Wednesday afternoon, giving me just enough time to get the schedule down, and all the mommy instructions. It was really exciting!

We dropped off Justus and Marian at the airport, they kissed their littles goodbye and then off they went to backpack Europe! Dream vacation much? I know.

I tried to spoil the kids as much as possible, and probably realized too late that there is a reason parents limit children's sugar intake... sugar highs are a real thing.

Marcela's first day of Preschool! 
She started doing this really funny smile, and she wouldn't show her teeth no matter how hard I prodded. But she's still adorable.

Cutest baby award goes to this little babe.
He was the easiest baby ever! Even when he got sick, all he wanted to do was snuggle, and be fed strawberries. That's my kind of child.

Library times. 

We also visited the museum in Durham a couple times during the week and a half. That place is fantastic! There are so many things to do, and I think after the third visit we'd finally seen everything.

The Butterfly House that we spent quality time in each and every visit.

Not too shabby of a view, right?

Alden's first soccer game was while I was there, and it was boiling outside! He was really funny to watch, and he got a lot better just in the time I was there. 

I swear the car isn't moving in any of these pictures.
Also, the minivan life is AMAZING!!

Quentin always jokes that he'll never drive a minivan, but Marian's minivan has all the perks! I actually really enjoyed driving that baby around, and it was so so so convenient to get kids in and out of there.

This is Marcela telling me she made "just a tiny little mess"
yeah, right.

Swinging in the park, a favorite.
Also, chubby thighs.

Jay had a huge blowout at church, so we spent a while in the mother's room cleaning that boy up. He really didn't seem to mind. Also, I really considered stealing him.

I had all three kiddos for two Sunday's. To say I was nervous is a huge understatement. Especially when Marian told me that SHE struggles some Sunday's! So I bribed them. 
(Which actually, I did a lot. Don't judge)
But I told the older two that if they were really good, and listened to me, and sat still during Sacrament meeting then I would reward them with brownies!
it worked!! And as you can see, they were pleased with themselves for getting brownies.

Seriously, this Jay!
Can all my babies be as perfect as him?
Mmmkay, thanks.

One day, we ran a bunch of errands and the littles both fell asleep in the car on the ride home. 
So we went sight-seeing! Well, I went sight-seeing. They slept. It was really fun actually!
I drove through, and then we toured the Stagville Plantation. It was quite remarkable. And so close to Justus and Marian's home!

Also, Jay turned one! 
Marcela and I made celebratory cupcakes! Also, don't tell the parents, but we ate them for breakfast! (:
Jay was so determined to get that sweet cake.

I think Marcela was worried that I was going to change my mind about cupcakes for breakfast.
Smart thinker.

Patiently waiting for preschool.

Watching one of Alden's soccer games. It was drizzling, and we both got covered in sand, while playing on the side lines. Marcela's face was too good not to share.

Jay doing church right!

These are my favorite little kiddos. We had lots and lots of good times, and I'm so glad I got to play Mom while the parents were away!