Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I'm trying to do a little bit more of this lately. Sometimes I get so busy with work and callings and trying to be a good wife and fulfilling commitments that I forget to give myself a little time for myself. 

Also, spring is basically here and I am so very happy.

We bought a new kitchen table, and we're toying with the idea of painting it much like this. 
Right now it is a bright red. So we'd have a lot of sanding to do for that top part, but otherwise it looks manageable. Also, I think the chairs will be yellow, or maybe teal.

This last weekend we went on a scavenger hunt for one of Quentin's ancestors homes here in Logan. It was and is still big and beautiful! There wasn't anyone home or else we would've knocked and gotten a tour. Maybe next weekend?

Lately I've been super into sewing. Like super super. So I made my own skirt. This pink thing. It's the perfect skirt for spring and summer and I might just wear it every week.

I made my very first shirt EVER this last weekend. I don't have a good picture. 

Last but not least we went on a really great date the other day. We went on a short hike, and brought along the sling shot. Then we set up targets and had a mini competition to see who could knock down the most! I am not very skilled with a slingshot, but I got quite a bit better by the end.  My secret skill was shooting five rocks at a time! Although I still couldn't have killed anything. 

Reupholstering a chair. Before/After

I'll just start out by saying that I love a good project. But even more than a project, I love to learn how to do new things. So one day last November I ran across this beaut in a local thrift shop near my house in Logan, UT. I snapped this picture and sent it to Quentin hoping that he would think it was a steal at twelve dollars. He didn't. In fact I believe his exact words were "that is the ugliest chair I've ever seen"
I am not easily deterred.
So I dragged him back to the store the next day we looked at it, and then analyzed it to see if it had good "bones".
He still wasn't in love, but I was! I am really good at vision, and I could see the potential in this chair. So Quentin carried it down through the store, and lucky us they gave it to us for only $9! It was basically fate.

I convinced Quentin that it could be my Christmas present. Easiest Christmas present of his life! All I wanted from him was to help me with the process. That's it! Easy peasy.

So we started the tearing apart process. SO. MANY. STAPLES. Also, it was dis-gross-ting. If we made a pros and cons list of the de-constructing portion the cons would outnumber the pros by a hundred to one. Nasty, nasty, nasty. And definitely not for the faint of heart. I actually blistered my hands from pulling out so many staples with pliers. True story. 

I read a lot of tutorials on how to reupholster chairs and that ALL said to save the original fabric to use as a guide for your new fabric. And then to also save all the old batting and foam. I realllly tried to do this part, but like I said, not for the faint of heart, and I can be a little bit wimpy. So I threw all the fabric and batting/foam away. It was just too gross to keep anywhere near my house. This did make the final steps more difficult, but I say well worth it. So there, tutorials.

Here Quentin is helping me take staples out on the porch. Did I mention that it grossed us both out?
The good news is that we found money in the chair! Enough to pay for at least half the cost of the chair! Hooray!

 This was before we realized just how bad it was and then immediately disinfected our whole house.

 After we got it pretty torn apart, we needed to decide on fabric. Quentin came along for the ride, and don't tell him that you know, but he told me afterwards he admitted that it had been really fun for him! That was probably due to my being prepared and bringing lots of sour gummy worms and skittles as snacks for him. But hey, you do what you've gotta do.

PS. We did not pick that fabric.

The beginnings of putting on the foam and batting. Hooray! I didn't take many pictures of this part because it was so fast! And also, I was a little annoyed with the process.

After being basically completely re-done we allowed it to come back into the house. You can see the discarded foam on the floor. We are not clean projecters.

The beginning of fabric application. This was the toughest part. Mostly because we didn't keep the old fabric as a pattern. But hallelujah we got through it and our marriage is still intact.

Also, you can see here and above that we changed the legs of the chair. 
I wanted it to sit higher than the previous little dinky legs allowed, so handyman Quentin whipped these babies out and I love them!

Whoo, finished. Finally.

Complete with pillow!

I joked with Quentin the other day that now we should do a couch, but then neither one of us laughed. Too soon. 

Now come visit and you can sit in our chair!

You can't really tell...but this is a kitchen table and four chairs! 
AKA our next project (:

Helicoptering over Cache Valley

This man loves anything that flies.

Helicopter school.

Quentin was intense the whole time. Just kidding. He just wished he was flying the thing.

I thought it was going to be a lot less stable than it was. I guess I only really thought that because I only see helicopters crashing in movies and things.

#1. The Temple!
#2. If you look real real close you can see our house!

February and early March 2015

Sometimes for date night I make Quentin go to Old Navy with me and have him try on all the smallest clothes.
It's quite liberating to not have to pick up after yourself sometimes. I mean, yes we tidied up, but we didn't have to HANG UP any clothes. Ahhh, so relaxing.
Also, Quentin is becoming too too skinny for all of his clothes. Seriously. We had to buy him a new belt to hold all of his pants up.


Our stake puts on a dinner and dance for all the young married couples and the food is 
always TO DIE FOR. This year was no different. Although we didn't stay for the dancing. We just had our own dance party in the car and drove around the valley.
We know how to have a good time.

Also, we got our pictures taken at the dance, but the printer was broken so we snapped some at home. It was actually really difficult. Self-timer plus using a bowl of sweet tart hearts to hold the phone up is no small task. We took probably thirty. This was the best one. I am not kidding.

The real one:

Valentine's morning I made Quentin this really fun and long scavenger hunt that took us all around Cache Valley! He is so funny. It ended with a huge breakfast and presents to open while we crawled back into bed. Valentine's on a Saturday is the way to do it. Lazy days all the days, please.

Then it snowed. Boo. But I walk to work now so I didn't even mind. I hope next winter is treacherous. As long as I don't have to drive in it, it can snow as much as it wants!
Speaking of work, we moved offices! The new office is so niiiice. I love it. It has the upper hand being only half a block from my house, but also it is very classy looking. Also, the dentist I work for LOVES me. I try to tell him jokes or funny things every day to keep the love strong, so far so good. Yesterday I was telling him about how if I ever die Quentin is not allowed to marry again. He can just wallow in his loneliness and miss me every single day.
He got a real kick out of that. Also, he might think I'm a little bit crazy?
Yeah, definitely.

This is my new office! Actually only half of it, it winds back around the corner there. I sit on an exercise ball sometimes and I just roll all around this space. 

Also, when we were moving we found some mercury! I'm pretty sure that stuff isn't supposed to be played with so nonchalantly, but oh well. IT WAS SO COOL. I never knew mercury was so heavy. Dr. L told us how he used to play with it as a kid all the time. 
I responded with "tell us more things about all the olden days!"
He laughed, and told me that he had to ride a mule to school, and that they didn't make left and right shoes, just universal ones. Prettty sure he was fooling with me.

We had a relief society activity last week. I was asked to teach everyone how to make rolls. Because let's be honest, my rolls are deliciousss. Also, this picture was to demonstrate that I brought my whole kitchen with me, but the picture doesn't show you everything on the floor and in the back of the car. Oh well. Just trust me on this one. I took EVERYTHING.