Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quentin's upcoming birthday, and other ramblings

I saw this in TJ Maxx the other day. It is sooo prettttty, I just want it. And it's only $20, I should've just bought it, but instead it inspired me to take up painting. I know. Cray cray.
But I've always wanted to take up painting, I just haven't. And I really really want to paint a huge piece of art for our house. Some abstract kind of painting, so it doesn't have to be very good for people in appreciate it. 
This painting has inspired me.
This summer, I'm going to get on that.

Quentin's birthday is coming up and we all know what that means...guns!
Seriously, this boy loves guns. I bought him one last year for his birthday and he swore to me that he wouldn't need one again at least until we both graduate and own a home....
If you haven't noticed, I am just starting another degree, while Quentin still has a few years left in school, and we're no where close to owning a home....But I am a pretty big sucker for that face.
And he's a really persuasive guy. The local sporting store always has their anniversary sale around his birthday. So, he convinced me it was the very best time to buy his gun.
Let me repeat. I am a sucker for this face.

He was really worried that since the store only had one of the guns he wanted, that they would sell it and he would be gun-less for his birthday. I guess it's a valid concern, but they have hundreds of guns in the store, and I'm still not certain what makes this exact gun so special. Oh well.

We didn't get to take the gun home that day though. Funny story.
There is another Quentin Wright, similar age to my Quentin Wright, and he has lived in semi-similar areas to us. But apparently he isn't so straight and narrow as my Quentin Wright because he has a lot of misdemeanors and things on his record. So any time Quentin has to get a background check he gets held up. This time it took them a week to get it all figured out!
But now Quentin has his second gun, but I've made him hold off on shooting it until his birthday. He can get the ammo on his actual birthday. But that face! He loves guns. 

Our weekends lately have been project filled. We finished our table! It looks so so good, and I can't wait to get it all set up in the kitchen. I'll take a picture then. But here we finished sanding the top, and I was working on painting the chairs. 
Those chairs. They were a pain. So many nooks to get into, and red paint is my least favorite thing from now on. It's so hard to cover! But I finally got them finished, and I'm so happy with how they turned out. Now to never paint again.

We had a really fun relief society activity hiking up to Stoke's Nature Center and eating s'mores and chatting for hours. We have a fantastic ward, and I love all the great ladies there.

Date night last week was windy and kind of cold. But I had just purchased some sliders and a kite from the dollar store as a fun intro to summer gift for us. So we had to test them out. The glider was a fail in the wind. But it was hilarious watching it spiral out of control. 
The kite however was a total hit. I forgot just how fun it can be to fly a kite. It requires minimal effort, but is so entertaining! 

We cut the string on the kite to see just how true that story is, the one where you want all the freedom, and the string is holding the kite down, but when you cut the string it just plummets to the ground? If you've ever been a teenager someone has told you that story. Hands down.
Anyway, Quentin cut the string, and sure enough, it plummeted. But when we just let the kite go, with the handle attached it flew so far! And even got stuck in a tree, it was really difficult to get out. But fun (: Date nights are so necessary, and great.

We also had a really great ward activity this week. Zorb soccer and hot dog roasting! The zorbs were heavy! Also, I think I spent the majority of my time in there on my head, or rolling. It's hard to carry that heavy thing and be required to run, while kicking a ball! Yeah, I basically failed, but Quentin was really good. And it was hilarious. I highly recommend it. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Current Projects

Spring time means craft, and outside time. So we combined those with our latest project!

Well, first, I made these silhouettes at work the other day. 
They were surprisingly easy and I love how they turned out. Now I need a third item to hang on the wall with them though. Hmm.

We bought this table on KSL for $25! It was a steal of a deal. It's a nice hardwood table, that had been painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint. But we hated the color, and I'm not the biggest fan of chalk paint. So we have been sanding it down to the bare wood and plan on staining the top a dark color. 
The pedestal that I don't have a picture of we painted white. This perfect creamy white. I love it.
And we're spray painting the chairs an egg-shell blue.
It's been an easy project so far, minus all the red paint dust I had to sweep off the porch.

We are excited for the end result!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter 2015

Who doesn't love Easter? We had a fun and relaxing Easter weekend in Logan. It was nice to enjoy the sunshine, work on projects, hang out with each other and listen to some great sessions of General Conference!
Quentin washed our cars one day, apparently there was some dirty rain last week, but I walk to work, and Quentin rides his bike so we hardly drive our cars anymore! It's been really nice to not spend any money on gas, I'm pretty sure this is the only time in our life this will be the case, so we're soaking it up while we can.

Quentin stained my birthday present from last year finally! Normally it doesn't take us this long to finish projects...(although the chair DID take an epically long time). But Quentin really researched how he wanted to finish it, and it required that he make his own stain out of vinegar and steel wool. The project was delayed once or twice by me "accidentally" throwing out the stain because it was so nasty looking and smelling that Q had to start over. Whoops. 
Anyway, we stained it and sealed it, and it's beautiful! We love it.
Favorite piece in our living room currently.

Saturday night, after priesthood session, and I went to some fun girls' nights, we went out to our very favorite restaurant in Logan, Takara Sushi. 
Even if you don't like sushi, you have to love this place. But their sushi is extraordinary, and we eat there probably too often.
But we had reason to celebrate! I was accepted to graduate school! Hooray!!
I kind of forgot that I applied. 
And I only applied to two programs, both online. They both have very low acceptance rates, and this year there were extra applicants to online programs because a couple of the other programs decided not to accept any more incoming graduate students on odd years, versus even years. Weird. But true.
So I wasn't really thinking I would get accepted, because my GPA is not crazy impressive at a 3.5. But I do have strong GRE scores, and I can write a killer essay about myself.
 Even still Speech Language Pathology master's programs are so so competitive. I wasn't going to psych myself up, only to get rejected. And! I forgot about I applied!
So Wednesday, April 1st, also known as April Fool's day, was the very first day that grad schools were sending out their acceptance letters/emails. I only remember that because I got an email from Western Kentucky telling me I was on their waiting list that day. And I was super worried it was a prank! That would be the meanest prank, so I looked back in my emails from grad schools and sure enough, they were sending out letters that day. So, that was okay news. Although, waitlists are blah, and not exciting in any way. 
Then, that evening I got an email from Idaho State University telling me congratulations and we sincerely hope that you'll join us in the fall!
So then I cried for like an hour.
And I told my parents who are both so very excited. And now whenever I think life isn't perfect I just have to remind myself that I was accepted to the graduate school I want to go to, and everything is peachy again!
I've been using this tactic for the last week and a half, and it still works. Pretty sure it's going to work until I have to pay my first big tuition check, and then maybe I won't be as grateful?
Well, I start in the fall, and I CAN'T WAIT to be back in school. Wish me luck!

Sunday morning Quentin and I lazed around and listened to the Sunday morning session of conference. We boiled and dyed Easter eggs and then went up to Old Main Hill for some Easter egg rolls! I'd never heard of this tradition, but The Dentist (whom I work for) was telling me all about it and it seemed great, so we joined the fun! There were seagulls everywhere eating all the crushed eggs. Also, I think it must be more fun with little kiddos. 
We didn't really understand the point of rolling eggs down the hill. So, we played bocce ball with our eggs. I highly recommend it, it is hilarious, and so so entertaining.

We also attempted to hit a few seagulls with eggs, and got pretty close, but not close enough.

Then we had the McCary's over for a big traditional Easter dinner! These are unfortunately the only pictures I got of the dinner though. Oops.
But you do get to see the most delicious carrot cake I've ever made.
It was a successful and rejuvenating and spiritual renewing Easter weekend (:

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Family comes for a visit

While waiting for my parents to get here Quentin mowed the lawn. Spring has sprung!

As soon as my parents got here we talked, and showed off our cute house, then ran up to campus to look through all the plane's that Quentin gets to work on and take apart on campus.

My cute parents hanging out in some plane's cockpit.

Quentin teaching everyone how to fly

Me and Shannon, my parents exchange student looking through the broken window of a big expensive plane.

After hanging out on campus we had to hike the Wind Caves. This hike is the most iconic hike in Logan, It's basically the equivalent of hiking the Y in Provo, but has a cooler end point.

Hailey and I leading the way. Hailey is so cute these days and so funny! It was fun to get to play with her for a few days.

I don't know how to rotate this! Sorry. Also, my dad. I die.

Twins from the back.

Twins in the front!
Quentin and I joke that when we hang out with Hailey, it's like going back in time and remembering what I used to be like when I was fifteen. Basically pure comedy.

Wind caves. 

Standing on top of the wind caves. My dad, again! Haha he is one of my very favorite humans. Also, my mother hiked with us, but for some reason we didn't get any pictures with her. oops.

After our strenuous hike we went to Cafe Sabor here in Logan. It's located in the old train station, and Quentin and I haven't been yet, but have heard great things.
And even though we all agreed to not over-eat since we had pie at home, we of course all did and had to waddle out of there.

It was my Dad's birthday the day they came down, and he only likes pie, apple pie specifically, so I made him his own pie as a birthday surprise!

Hailey tried on a few homecoming/prom dresses while in Logan. She is so ooooold.

Saturday we drove down and visited the Airplane Museum in Ogden at Hill Air Force Base. The girls stayed back and shopped in Logan, and sent dad and Quentin on ahead because we knew they would spend HOURS in that place, and we could probably zip through it real quick.
It was the work of genius.

Quentin LOVES this plane. He has told me about numerous times, and still gets a kick out of talking about it to anyone. I will admit, it's pretttty neat. I didn't realize it was so huge and thought that it was two planes actually, but don't worry, Quentin corrected me. 

My Grandpa George has flown a bunch of the airplanes there, so it was really interesting to look at them and to remember some of his millions of stories that are associated with each plane. 

Cute guy! Oh yeah, and nice plane too.

Also, I bought my dress for Sam's wedding coming up in June! Hallelujah!
Everyone's excited for Sam to get married!!

We stayed down in Salt Lake with Dal and Shar and their cute kiddos. We celebrated an early Easter, and it was nice to just hang out with family.

 It seems that I like my nieces better than my nephews, but that's not always the case. It's just that all our nieces has so much spunk!
Also, Brynn is so cute. And she talks with a lisp. It's adorable.