Friday, May 29, 2015

Quentin's Birthday Party!

First, the invitations went out:

Second, my Mom came to visit! She was staying with Dal and Shar and their new baby, but decided to spend the weekend with us, what a treat!
My mom is far too fun. We had the most enjoyable weekend together while Quentin worked... (:

Third: We burned some rhubarb pie drippings in the oven, which was of course super stenchy. Because that basically always has to happen right before you  have a bunch of people over to your house, am I right?!

Fourth and finally! Quentin got to open his presents (:
Birthday boy on his birthday morning.

Birthday boy

We had a nacho bar!
 This is before I had all the toppings on the table set up, but I am pretty terrible at taking any pictures when I ought to.
But we had chips with all the nacho toppings you could ever think of as options. With mexican weddings cookies for dessert!

The neighbors cat also wanted to attend.

The only two to come in costume... (: Thanks Court and Jackson!

I think it was a success. Quentin insisted that he didn't want a pinata though, which I'm pretty sure is the only thing that could've made it any better (:
Happy birthday Quentin!

Baby Additions

Dal and Shar had their third little baby join their family this part month. He's adorable.
Nash Jedi McLane Adamson.
Hooray for cool names, am I right?!

Also, I know the whole "everyone wants a natural childbirth" mentality, and blah blah blah. But you've got to admit, c-section babies come out looking much better for wear than vaginal birth babies. Just saying. Obviously I am team nothing, because I don't have babies.

Quentin waiting waiting waiting.

Public Service Announcement!
This is the best lemonade to ever be made. Quentin and I buy one at least once a week.

Dal and Shar needed someone to come watch their older kiddos with Shar in the hospital with baby Nash. So Quentin and I drove down for the weekend and to play with these cuties! 

We slid down stairs in laundry baskets, jumped from the dresser to the bed, played lots of tag and tackle anything, took them to the park, rode bikes, and ate lots of cereal.
Basically my dream life, so...

Oh, and a trip to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple! Since it was Sunday and all. 
Side note those clouds are gorgeous.

Upon returning to Logan we finished our table! This seems like a bad picture, but we love love it. It turned out better than we even expected and I think we'll keep it for lots of years.
I do think that our kitchen washes out the blue of the chairs and makes them look mostly white. So I probably would have done them a darker blue if I were to do it again.
But when I think about how long it took me to paint all of those spindles I know I will not be doing those over. And we really do love it.

And, we bought a new couch! This is our front room, squashed together with the new addition of the couch. But we sent Sam's back to her and so now it is all organized again. Hooray! And our living rooms looks completely different now because I have a mini-addiction to moving furniture around.
So there's that. Adios!