Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Schooools out for Summer!!

Quentin and I enjoying his new toy.

Living in Cache Valley really is quite neat. There is so much small town charm that just can't be found any other place! Other than not having a Target, it's pretty darn near perfect. 
Our friends Dan and Megan invited us to the Black and White Days put on by Smithfield, UT. They do what's called a horse pull competition.
Different teams of horses compete to see who can pull the most amount of weight a certain distance. 
It was thoroughly entertaining, and we all got soaked! Cache Valley has been so wet this spring/early summer. But it was really fun nonetheless (: 

Also, I'm a major sucker for anything horse-y. Once a horse girl, always a horse girl.

Quentin and I have also been BBQ-ing a lot on our front porch. And this was one of only three sunny days in May. True story!

Camping at Newton Reservoir for Memorial Day Weekend. 
Car camping because, well, because. It poured the whole night, and we didn't want to have to pack a tent up if we wimped out!
We enjoyed our hobo dinners, and s'mores then shot at birds with rocks and our sling shot!
I was surprisingly accurate, and intimidated many a birds. We didn't kill any though. So we were going to starve for breakfast. Oh well.

In the middle of the night four police cars and two ambulances came to the campsite right near ours. We are nosy neighbors and so came prepared with our binoculars!
It was hard to tell what was happening, and in fact, we had to live on the made-up stories we fabricated ourselves. Because while we are nosy neighbors, we aren't nosy enough to go ask what was going on.

And then we went home for Sam's wedding!
yes, it is Sam's wedding, and not Sam and Chad's wedding. Because everyone knows it's all about the bride. Come on.
The day was windy, and the clouds were threatening, but it turned out beautiful! And all experienced photographers know storm clouds look great in pictures...
Also, we're just so happy Sam joined the married club!

Also while we were home we hiked Palouse Falls with my brother and his family. It is in the middle of butt-crack no where! But a fun hike, and pretty falls!
And now that it's been checked off the list, I'll probably never do it again. Oh well.

Quentin stayed in Washington to work on an internship so I came home to Utah by myself.
I've been biding my lonesome time by reading all kinds of books, and sewing lots of projects. 
The modern women in today's world would be so disappointed of me preferring my domestic ways. I just like life better when Quentin's nearby! 
So shoot me.
Just kidding, please don't.

I did go down to Salt Lake to hang out with Dal and his cute fam and to cuddle baby animals to forget about not being productive. (:
Babies and baby animals are basically the cure to all things. 
Only a few more days till I go back to paradise! Uhhh...I mean Washington!