Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loon Lake 2015

Loon Lake is a pretty big deal to the Wright clan. Brenda's been going since she was a little girl, and basically if you miss it, then everyone thinks you're a party pooper.

Quentin and I really didn't think we could fit it into our summer schedule this year, because, jobs guys. And also, because we'll both be in school this fall and lots of moneys down the drain, so...  we decided we'd miss out on the fun in pursuit of trying to be adults.

Good thing Brenda rescued us from our state of boredom. Also, pretty sure she decided it would be much less of a party without her most fun family members there (: Just kidding. But we did get to go last minute and it was so fun!! As the lake always is. 

Lots of boating, and jet-skiing, and paddle boarding, and kayaking and canoeing, and wakeboarding and skiing, and boat riding, and swimming and swimming, and more swimming.
Whew! It wears me out just thinking about it actually. There was also lots of relaxation time, and time to read books and just hang out. But the water in Loon Lake is so warm that it's hard to not want to be in it the entire time.

Can you see Quentin's scar? It looks like an extension of his eyebrows. He dove into the shallow end of a pool. And now we know why there are so many signs telling everyone not to!

Cutie patootie.

One day the weather was pretty yucky. Windy, windy, windy. So we spent most of that day eating all the food in the house and reading books. 

And working out! Charlize and I getting our toe touches in. 

Until next year Loon Lake!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Crafting

This summer has been busy busy busy! But we've managed to fit in some serious crafting time, and of course tennis time!
Tennis is something that neither Quentin nor I are good at, and so we like to play at lot to better ourselves. It feels like a sport we can play until we're old and gray. So that along with golf, will keep us active and young (:

I've been wanting to get into watercolor painting for a while now, and even bought paints a while back. But just hadn't found the time or motivation to really get into it.
This last weekend however Quentin suggested we watch some tutorials on youtube and get to work on our goals! So we did! Date night Friday consisted of weird youtube painters, and hilarious commentary. From yours truly. Of course.

Quentin is MUCH better at the landscapes. And I basically can just do flowers. But I think we're getting better! Also, I wanted to paint the Logan Temple, because it's right behind our house, and it's so neat to live so close to one. I looked at some pretty watercolor pictures of the Logan Temple to get my inspiration and off we went. For a noob, I think it turned out okay.

Quentin's very first landscape. Now he does sunsets!

Sidenote: I think Quentin and I will excel at retirement

Second craft time:

I have been really into making my own dresses these days. #1 because I know exactly what I want, but can't always find it in stores. And #2 because it is SO CHEAP!!
Seriously, this dress cost me maybe $8.
And maybe three hours? Total time. 
But I started it a few weeks back cutting it out, sewing it all together. And then this last Saturday evening I finalized the neckline, and hemmed the sleeves and bottom and vualah! Wore it to church the next day. 
My favorite part is how stretchy the fabric is. It's semi-fitted, but has tons of give, so it can be casual or classy. Just my style.
And I have lots of the same fabric left over, so I might make a skirt too. We shall see.

Ignore the post-it note. Thanks

Quentin made a table!
It's for his family reunion in McCall, Idaho later this summer. It's really cute though. He's so talented. Basically whenever I want to change our house up I say, Quentin can you make me that? And he delivers. He wins best husband for Becca award every day!

We shopped for pulls/knobs for HOURS. If there's one thing that Quentin got from his mama, it's her pickiness. (I mean that in the nicest way Brenda!)

There is the world's cutest boutique shop here in Logan. I mean, the world's cutest. I don't have lots and lots of money, but if I did, I would spend it all there.
Sometimes when I go there they are selling a bunch of "irregular" clothes for 50% off! 
It's a DREAM LAND!!!

So there's that.
Also, this shirt is my inspiration for my next sewing project.
Or maybe I'll just buy it. It's adorable. 

Also, while we were in Washington we lost Quentin's glasses.
Actually, what didn't we lose while we were in Washington.
I lost my wedding band. Gasp!! Seriously. Heart attacks until it was found. Hooray!!
I left/lost my make-up. Thank you summer for making it not necessary to wear make-up.
I also lost/left a bunch of clothes. Good thing my closet is overflowing already I guess?
Quentin just lost his glasses. 
So I guess I'm the lose-r. Oh well.
But we went glasses shopping last week and found him some cuties! And I tried on every pair the stores had. It's still debatable I guess, but I don't think glasses look good on me. Please pray that I keep my good vision the rest of my life. Mmkay, thanks. Bye.

Thought long and hard about keeping these beauties... (:

Also, last week we had an odd slow day. The Dentist and I were talking about pet skunks, and it reminded me of the movie "No Deposit No return." 
The Dentist hadn't ever seen that movie! I told him it was a true classic. So of course we proceeded to watch it for much of the afternoon.

You know, I have a pretty cush  job...

To end. All things mini, and all things BYU. Always.


Washington for a Week

I finally went home to Washington to pick up Quentin and of course party for a week!!
Plus there was an Adamson family reunion, and let's be honest, Adamson's know how to party. 

I have been thoroughly blessed. 

It was hot hot hot when I got there. 109* hot. So that called for some Mexican popsicles!
They're my favorite treat, and as an added bonus we get to drive around downtown Pasco, which is a bit sketchy now. We reminisced hanging out at our old high school. 
One word. Weird. 
We're old now, and I don't think I could be paid enough to go back.

Quentin serenading me with the sound system for the reunion.

A super hottie hanging out in the yard while we were locked out of the house after church.
You'd think since my parents live in the middle of no where they wouldn't lock the house...

Cute cousins!! It was so fun to hang out with all our nieces and nephews. I'm not even biased, but I have the most adorable nieces in the world.
And the personality! There's a lot to go around in the Adamson family.

Boating for days. 

Lots of fires, and s'mores. And 4-wheeling. And horse back riding.
I've decided that my parents house is basically a vacation retreat.

We took family pictures Sunday morning. Then enjoyed family church, and Quentin and I left back to Logan that afternoon! Quick trip, but filled with lots of fun, and we needed long naps when we got back to real life.

The twins! They are seriously the easiest babies. Okay, they're not mine, and I don't get up with them in the nigh or anything, but they're so happy all the time and such fun to play with!
Also, they're beautiful.

Baby whisperer. 

Washington is always the best! Special thanks to our families for being party animals and playing all day every day. And to my Grandma and Grandpa for having such great kids!
Adamson reunion was a success!