Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quentin is baby hungry

Quentin has always loved kids. But lately he has become about having our own kids. Especially little girls. Every time we hang out with our nieces he tells me:
 "I cannot wait to have little Becca's running around"

Like I said, he's pretty baby hungry.

Although, we both agree it would be really nice to skip the newborn stage and go straight to 2 year olds. Is that possible??

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Provo Weekend

We're heading to Quentin's Mathew's family reunion next weekend. McCall, Idaho! That's where Quentin and I honeymooned three years ago, in the dead of Winter, and it was oh so romantic. So we're excited to be heading back (:

Also, Quentin built this table for the auction. Pretty!

In church last week, I took pictures of this girls' skirt, because it's my next project. I'll let you know how it goes.

Last weekend was spent in Provo, Utah. My old stomping grounds!

My parents and my aunt and uncle all own a duplex in Provo. Single boys live there and it's super super close to campus, so it's basically heaven, if you're into that sort of thing, and qualify to live there. But since it's boys, and boys can be boys, it's also a little bit dirty. And it gets well-used and worn in, quickly. So Quentin and I went down to do some work on it before the Fall semester when it's loaded up with students again. Hooray!
Plus, we get to work on a home, that's not our home. So we get experience and learn how to do more things so when we are working on our home some day we'll be that much better! Double hooray!!

This is the front room, after we sanded it all down, and this is one coat of stain on the edges.  Still debating whether or not we like it. And if we need to sand more, or add another layer of stain.

Bedroom all sanded and stained!


Also, Happy Pioneer Day!
From Utah State Patrol.