Tuesday, November 3, 2015

School Begins Again

Before I got married, I dated quite a few different boys. Some of them more hipster than others, and all of them much less Quentin-y than Quentin.
Hailey girl once said that she was worried about me, because if I married any of those boys then I wouldn't have anyone to open pickle jars for me.
Seriously, her words, not mine. That girl, she is pure hilarity.

Anyway, now whenever we have pickles, Quentin likes to prove that I picked my man well, and that he can easily open any and all pickle jars. Boy am I grateful (:

Can I just say that I LOVE living in Logan? Because I do.

Quentin on his first day of school! We only have four semesters left! 
I know, I know, I just said that I love living in Logan. I do, I just think that I'll love the day that we don't still live the full-time student life. I think? I'm very grateful for the blessed life that we have though, believe me. 

To celebrate school starting, and fall, we went bowling! I rocked. 
Somehow I forgot that I took a bowling class while at BYU? Well, those skills are never lost I tell ya, and I destroyed Quentin. And I'm proud of it.

Happy school year!

Family to Logan & Provo!

I convinced Hailey girl to stay the weekend with me while Quentin and my parents went down to Provo to work on the duplex and go to education week. It was one of my better moves. That girl is a hoot!
The first night we noticed a wedding reception down the street from my house, so obviously we had to dress up and get ourselves some wedding cake! Actually they were serving a full dinner, which was even better. 

Saturday consisted of farmer's marketing, hiking, napping, and more party crashing! On our way to another wedding reception, we noticed a hoard of young kids heading into a well-known mansion house that I've always wanted to see close up. So...we booked it back home to get out of nice clothes, and into our "teenager-esque" outfits to try to fit in (on my part. Hailey fits in quite well, obviously).
I felt like an intruder the whole time and was worried someone was going to notice that I was ten years older than everyone else there....but that never happened. Hooray!

Also, their refreshments were donuts. From Johnny O's here in Logan, which are THE BEST donuts maybe ever. I was in fat girl heaven.

This is us thoroughly enjoying our breakfast from the farmer's market.

A little view of the foam pit from the party. WE DID NOT ENTER.
Because, ew.

It's amazing how a little dough and sugar can make a girl so happy!

Did I mention it was a pool party?

We had the best weekend. Ate well, slept well, and had far too much fun. I needed a really long nap after that much excitement.

On Sunday I drove Hailey down to meet up with the rest of the family, and then I had to work. Boo! But I like my job, so no complaints. 

Summer is my love language. Scratch that, food is my love language.

My super cute mom and I at education week at BYU. I forget how much I loved being at BYU. So many good memories. But I'm glad I live in Logan now.
Also, education week isn't just for old people like I thought! It was a lot more fun than I expected, and I really liked the classes too! It wasn't like sitting through a lecture, because the teacher had to pack in all of the good stuff into an hour, so you were being bombarded with good information the whole time. 
I highly recommend it.

You can't go to Provo and not eat at the creamery!