Monday, December 28, 2015

Fall and Halloween!

Last year Quentin and I ran the Annual Red Ribbon Run in Hyde Park, Utah. We paid $10 to run, and won a $25 gift card to Sam's Club. Plus, we were supporting families and limiting substance abuse. All in all it was a major feel good time for all involved. So this year, we obviously had to do it again! Except Quentin wanted to work. Enter Chels. Thank heavens they moved here, she's always up for all my good ideas! We had a really good early morning run, and then we didn't win anything. But we were still winners, because we got great harvest bread afterwards. Hello, goodness.

The last camping trip of the year. We went to the hobbit caves, because they're so fun! The boy scouts apparently thought so too, but our camping spot was way cuter.

We looked up the weather before heading up there and it said it was going to be in the high 30's that night in Logan. What we didn't think to accommodate for was the temperature difference between Logan and the canyon. Whoops. IT WAS FREEZING. We cuddled all night. Quentin even woke me up at one point, two in the morning, to tell me, "Becca, can you imagine the pioneers?!" I was laughing so hard. It was a struggle to get back to sleep after that!

Halloween Pumpkin Walk! Logan does a really good job with their pumpkin decorating.

I ate about half of this myself.

We had a murder mystery party with some of our friends. It was Disney themed. We had Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, One of the Dwarves, Beauty and the Beast. Prince Charming, and Axe.

It turned out really well, and should probably become a tradition.



Quentin got a new gun for his birthday. So, as marriage goes, we played with it for my birthday! It was lots of fun though. And I beat Quentin in a shoot off! By accident mostly, but it still happened.

One weekend I decided to get my craft on. Cue the scalloped skirt idea. Pretty much, I just decided that I wanted it, and then busted it out. I did look for some online tutorials, but, couldn't find any in the skirt idea I was thinking. So, basically, I just winged (wung?) it. It turned out pretty great! I would probably do a few things differently if I did it again. But the good news is that since it's done, I don't have to ever do it again. Hooray!


Quentin knows me prettttty well. So he took me golfing! I love golfing, and really wish that I could do it more often. But man it's hard to justify.
So for now, driving ranges and the $5 twilight times it is for us. (:

I also love sushi. And I really feel like sushi is a special occasion food. There's a fantastic sushi restaurant in Logan called Takara. We eat there a lot, but like to splurge for special occasions. We order like five things, and usually walk out the door under $20.
This is definitely on the top of the list of places we'll miss when we eventually leave Logan.

Baking my own birthday cake. Accidentally lit the oven on fire. Oops.

Birthday hike and free birthday firehouse subs!
It was a low-key and perfect birthday.
Already 26 has been my favorite year! I don't even mind paying for health insurance.