Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas Vacation 2015

Christmas vacation started with me asking for THREE weeks off of work! And this is a testament to just how great of a job I have. Dr. L didn't even hesitate to give it to me!

We left on December 18th and didn't come back to Logan until the 11th of January!
That included a Disneyland trip, but we'll get to that much later.

We started by me cutting off all of my hair. I've been wanting to do that for forever I feel like! It's so nice sometimes to have short hair. Janine and I took the girls for a quick trip to the carousel in Kennewick one night. There were reindeer, and we had a really great time.
Grandma came too!

These cute nieces are sure fun.

Dan and Haylee brought their family over the week of Christmas, and we drove to the mountains for a sledding day. Quentin didn't come. Just Dan and Haylee and their girls. Janine and her kids, and Hailey and I!
The sledding was okay, but the snow was awesome.

Quentin got an iPhone, finally! He also became a full-blown nerd with the belt clip.
He plugs himself in when we ride in the car...I can't help but laugh the whole time.

Christmas Eve! We went skiing on Christmas Eve with the Wright's, per tradition, and the conditions were fantastic. So much powder, and tons of fun.
We came back warmed up and got ready for the Adamson dinner and party.

Side note. The twins are in L OVE with Quentin. And that was super cute to watch.

Christmas day!