Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grad School

I've decided that graduate school is basically just deciding which required things you're going to not do, and then hope that you guessed correctly so you don't fail when it comes to the tests and projects.

And also, instead of studying like I'm supposed to be...I look at Britney Spears memes and relate them to my life, because, hello.
This one is SO RELEVANT. 

I also am in the process of writing my first literature review, and basically want to never read a peer-reviewed paper again in my whole life.
For reals, never.

  Thanks Google Images for perfect memes to describe my life.


 Since January 11th, 2016 my life has been all consumed by grad school, grad school, work, and sometimes sleeping. Okay, actually, I never give up sleeping, so I guess work is the first to go. I'm the world's worst employee.
Oh! P.S. Does anyone want to hire me in the Fall??
Kidding, but also serious.

Also, since I'm avoiding doing LAST WEEK's homework, I thought I'd update the blog!

Before school started my parents took Quentin and I to Disneyland! I hadn't been since I was maybe fourteen? Maybe twelve, I can't remember that far back right now. Quentin hadn't been since he was roughly the same age.
It was just my parents, Hailey girl and us! AKA real party people, we exhausted ourselves every single day, and had the best time!!

I should also note that Dan and Haylee and their three adorable girls were going too. We planned to meet up at the park occasionally and do a few meals together, and hold cute twinsers when we wanted. So basically, dream vacation.

The trip started off with just a litttttle wrinkle. When my mom purchased our flights she registered me as Rebecca Adamson, instead of Wright. So late the night before our early flight we are rifling through every legal document my Dad has saved over the years to try to identify that I am who I say I am, but also, who I used to be.
I ended up showing my old high school transcripts, a current AAA card, that thankfully has my old name on it, and a super old voter's registration card that somehow missed the trash can. I then had to go by Becca Adamson, and concoct a fun story about losing my wallet while on vacation. It only cost me some extra pat-downs by security and a few extra minutes at each gate. I told Quentin that after this I could go by any name I wanted!

The good news is that we made it to California, and it was sunny and warm! No sweaters needed.

That first night we met one of my Dad's old college roommates at Universal CityWalk for dinner and candy purchases. There's a store there called It'sugar. We spent all our money there.

The next morning was forecasted to rain. Supposedly Anaheim was supposed to get 1.25 inches within 24 hours. THAT IS A LOT OF RAIN.
 We actually thought with the rain, and it being a Tuesday it might better our chances at not having to wait in lines. We were right! I think I've never been more grateful for rain. I hate standing in lines.
The first day we ran straight to California Adventure and were shocked that we were the only people in the park. I think everyone was anticipating the rain storm and chickened out.
Before we left Washington, I'd mapped out all the places we needed to go first thing for fast-passes, and then lines to wait in while a runner ran to get fast-passes in Disneyland and such. 
It was obvious by the first fifteen minutes of being in the park that we wouldn't need my map, or even fast-passes. In fact, many of the fast-pass ticket booths weren't even open because there wasn't a need.
We did everything in California Adventure in one day that we'd planned on accomplishing in three days!

Here we are all poncho'd out taking a break from the relentless pouring rain. Quentin obviously battling the elements to capture the shot.
notice: fanny pack.

There were a few rides closed for the rain, which was a bummer. 
The new Cars Racers was closed, so we vowed to check back the minute the rain let up.

The best news about it being pouring rain was that:
#1. No lines.
#2. No crowds
#3. Since everything was wet, and rain was pelting your face on all the rides, it definitely added an element of fun to everything.
#4. No lines.

 Our very first ride of the day was California Screamin'. As you can see, Quentin and my Dad are THRILLED to be in the front car with no facial protection from the rain.

We spent the rest of the day in Disneyland.

 On Splash Mountain there was only us and another family riding the ride.
They didn't even make us get out of the boat to ride it again

By the second day we had to buy new ponchos. 
Totally worth it though.

A rare moment when the rain let up.
My mom, Babe City.

We kept all our phones in ziploc bags and in fanny packs, or in Quentin's case, the phone clip.
 It was brilliant, thanks for the tip Brenda!

On Thursday, there was actually decent weather, but still not hardly any people. 
Quentin, Dan, Hailey and I rode California Screamin' at least ten times in a row.
I started to feel sick after that actually.

One of the twinsies!
I have no idea which one, don't ask.

 Of course, I don't have any pictures of this. But on Wednesday, it was a torrential downpour and we were all soaked. We were also all planning on heading back to the hotel, dry off our clothes, then come back later that evening. 
So somehow, we decided to all ride the Grizzly Bear River Run. It's funny because  as we were heading there I asked a worker, this is the way to the river run, right? A
nd she said "oh honey, you're gong to get soaked on that ride!" 
I just laughed, because I'm pretty sure we couldn't have been any more wet than we already were.
We rode the River Run probably six times in a row, where they didn't make us got off, and the whole time we were laughing so hard because of how much water was getting in our boat, and my mom getting drenched, and the workers thinking we were crazy, and the big drop offs that my mom never expected, and Quentin getting soaked. 
It's just my favorite memory from the whole entire trip.
And I'm so glad we could go with family.

Thanks for a great trip fam! 
It was so nice to go from relaxing a Christmas break to a fun-filled and adventurous trip before we had to start school back up. 
Hopefully we (I) make it through the next couple of months until our next vacation!
Bye bye Disneyland!