Monday, April 11, 2016

Schweitzer 2016

There are a few vacations that are just done right in the world. Anywhere that is near a lake, and includes mountains, trails, boating and the sun, pretty much anything adventuresome such as white water rafting, I'll take hiking trips over a lot of other things in the world. And Schweitzer.
Skiing is an enjoyable nuisance, but when you do it at Schweitzer, you avoid the nuisance part, making it so that you just get to enjoy the skiing part. And you get your fill of skiing, so it doesn't seem like you never go.

Granted. I also love vacationing...and can find pretty much any vacation to be a perfect one. 
But you can't deny that this view looking at Lake Pend Orielle is a fantastic one.

Found this picture the night before we left to Schweitzer, and I realized that this is the look Quentin gives me all the time. Seriously, for probably 35% of our marriage he's been looking at me like this.

We drove up Monday and were on the slopes by one! The weather was great, sunny and brisk that first day. It had snowed the weekend before we got there so there was still really great snow, and basically, it was just a great ski day.
Tuesday we woke up bright and early to get on the mountain. Tuesday was SO windy. Quentin and I rode up to the very top of the mountain, and the wind pushed you off the ski lift, and then you had to face the wind to try to go down the mountain, and I kid you  not, it took a lot of effort to get over the lip of the mountain with all that wind. It wore me out pretty quick and I didn't go back out after lunch. I'm definitely a fair weather skier.

This picture is subtly telling everyone in the world that we only ski black diamonds apparently. And also that we both look like bugs with goggles and no hats.

Quentin is a REALLY talented skier. He's fast and fearless. I am a good skier, and I like to pretend that I'm all about the form. But...that's not the case, and really I just like to go and have fun. Not necessarily be the fastest person on the mountain, or the best skier on the mountain, but definitely having the most fun on the mountain!
But this does sometimes mean that Quentin beats me to the bottom of the hill and then has to wait for me. I never feel bad about it though.

Also, we skied with the Brendanator, and Aunt Kim. Brenda and I are a good ski team. Aunt Kim and Quentin are a good ski team. It all works.

There was one run that Quentin convinced me I should do. It was called Debbie's Graveyard or something like that. I should have been turned off by the name. I take full blame for that one.About halfway down the run I started cursing. And Quentin's name became a not nice name on that mountain. There weren't very many people there at all that week, and so I felt comfortable yelling to Quentin and I was going to beat him up if I ever made it down the hill!
He's such a nice husband and just laughed and said how much he loved me. 
Dang him.
Also, I survived, made it down, and then instead of decking Quentin, decided a kiss would put me in a better mood. He spoils me.

The weather was warm, we both got crazy sunburnt.
And it was such a fantastic needed break. Hooray for extended spring breaks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Logan, Utah: February

These are all the pictures I took on my phone this whole month! I'm really not good at documenting my life, but I like to think I'm really good at living my life

First off, this is my car.
Our neighbors always shovel out their cars, but pile it on/next to my car.
They're not our best friends.


Dr. L spoils me.

Roger and Brenda came for a visit! We took them up to Hardware Ranch to hang out with the Elk. I had heard that it was a littttttle more adventuresome than it turned out to be, and Brenda accidentally bought snow boots just for the trip, which she ended up definitely not needing. She decided in order to make the purchase worth it, she'd just walk in the snow wherever we went.

My dream life. Draft horses and sleds

We also did a fun little Mathew's family history tour. There were lots of family homes, but this one was by far the best and more ornate, and still intact!

Saturday we drove down to Provo to hang out with Haley and Trevor, eat more good foods, and try to escape a locked room. This got a little intense, and those Wright's do not like to lose. 
It's also kind of ridiculous, but a load of fun. You pay a bunch of people to lock you in a room, that has a bunch of clues that you have to figure out. You're given one hour to figure out the clues and get yourself out before you (insert fate here) (get eaten by zombies, explode, are kidnapped, the list goes on and on.). Anyway. Ours was something about dying by chemicals or something like that. It was really fun, until all of a sudden there's only 2 minutes left and we weren't finished...
It was at this point that I happened to be holding an important slip of paper, and apparently I wasn't reading it fast enough, because Quentin pushed me out of the way, grabbed the paper for himself, and we still lost.
So. Moral of the story. Don't push your spouse, because I'll tease you about it until the end of time.

Sunday Quentin and I were heading back to Logan, but had to make a pitstop in Payson, Utah!
More family history stuff I think. All I remember is that I ate a bunch of Pringles and licorice while sitting 4 across in the backseat. Good times!
Also, it was kind of cold, so we definitely didn't get out of the car.

We did get out to see the new Provo City Center Temple though! So pretty, and I'm excited for Brett and Cass to get married there this May!

Back up in Logan it was a Winter wonderland. Looking back at this picture makes me so grateful that it's 70* here today. And please, never snow again, until next Winter!
A lady told me today at the Dentist's office that we wouldn't appreciate spring and summer without the winter. I let her think she was right.
And, okay, she is right. But I'd like to think that even if it was warm all the time, and I never had to wear coats again, I'd still appreciate all the great times. But maybe not, so I guess I'm glad I'm not in charge of the weather!

Oh! And it being Valentine's and all. We made the most delicious New York Style Cheesecake with homemade raspberry compote, and we were in heaven all month.
Yay for love!

Easter 2016

Quentin and I went home to good ol' Washington for Easter weekend.
And boy was it a busy one! We drove in on Friday and helped Brenda get her annual egg hunt ready. Well. We ate pizza and watched kids stuff eggs, and sneak a few of the good candies, aka Cadbury eggs, Reese's eggs, and anything gummy. But we were also there for moral support.

Friday night we hung out with Trav and Janine's family before they had to go to Jonas' districts Pine Wood Derby! Quentin helped build his car when we were here over Christmas, and apparently it's taken him far. Jonas is also helpful in telling everyone that the secret to his car's speediness is his Uncle Quentin. Ahhh. So sweet.

Woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful sunrise, and Quentin and I both commented that it's been a long time since we've cared to see the sunrise. I guess Washington just brings out the best in us.

Saturday morning Mom and I ran around to finalize Easter preparations for the next day and pick up some fun presents for my Dad's birthday celebration for that evening.
We bought him a wheelbarrow that was too big to fit into our car. Obviously, we didn't realize it was too big until after we'd purchased it, and were trying to manhandle that thing into the back seat. Quite a few people decided we needed help, and it was quite the spectacle seeing all these big burly men trying to get it in there. We then just took the handles off and vualah, success! But my Mom and I were giggling for a long time about that one.

Then it was time for the Wright Easter Egg hunt! This was my first year to be a part of this, and it's a prettttty big deal. Brenda loves it.
There were something like 90 kids that came, meaning over a thousand eggs stuffed and "hid" as you can see the front yard, for ages 4 and under, pretty much nothing was hid, but more like scattered in the grass. Also, the "hunt" lasted for about eight minutes total, and that might be stretching it.
The older kids get to hunt in the backyard, and it is a little more difficult, but still, when you have that many eggs, there are only so  many hiding places! 
It was fun to get to see so many people that we don't see often, and hang out with family, and eat candy. But who would every complain when candy is involved!

 Cy with his proud dozen of eggs. This kid is the cutest.

This kid is not a city kid.
 He needs dirt, and toys. Lots and lots of toys in his life.

My Dad's birthday pie. 
He hates cake! Who hates cake? Pretty sure just my Dad. But on his day, we try to please. So pie it is! But really, anything with lots of butter and sugar isn't ever going to be bad.

Easter Sunday egg hunt at the farmhouse. A lot less eggs, and we hid those babies so well, I've already thought of three that I know weren't found, and probably won't be found until we get another dog. I think hiding eggs is the best part about Easter egg hunts.

We ended Easter with Quentin getting on the roof of the farmhouse and shooting some birds with an air-soft gun. When I came out to tell him he was crazy, he shot at me too! I said. That boy does not belong in the city...our neighbors will think we're insane...

We're so grateful for the real reason behind Easter, and our loving Savior.
 I know that He lives, and blesses our lives constantly.