Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer 2016

Summer is here! Although, I'm currently in Pocatello/Blackfoot and I can tell you that it does not feeeeeeeel like summer. Today it was 65* and I'm freezing! Honestly, I sleep in sweat pants and a sweatshirt and pray that I can get enough time in the sun the next day to defrost. Where's my 100* weather?? I've been living in Logan, I need me some real heat! Oh well, I'll probably be cursing the heat by the time August rolls around.

Well, Quentin and I enjoyed Washington life for a few weeks before heading back to Utah for Brett's wedding! Hallelujah for weddings and pretty people, and a reason to hold flowers! and buy pretty dresses! And have a big huge dance party!! I love weddings. Brett and Cass got married in the Provo City Center Temple, and it was gorgeous, exactly as you would expect, but I loved going up those spiral staircases! I think they did a really great job at preserving the history of the Tabernacle. Go whoever was in charge of that!

The week of Brett's wedding, my cousin Renee was also getting married! So all of the families were gathered and it was a huge-mongous party the whole time! I have a great family, they are always having fun together, and we all like each other! Blessings, blessings.

My favorite girls and best friends.


Remember when Liv had the biggest crush on Quentin and she used to tell me that I'd had enough kisses from him, and it was now her turn? Well, she also steals my wedding date, and he teaches her how to dance, and it's adorable, so I'm not even mad.

And now the twins are obsessed with Quentin! Seriously, I have competition every where I turn. When the girls got to Utah it was late at night, and the next morning they were eating breakfast when Q walked in, and they both reached for him and didn't want to leave his side the whole week! I'd say he's got a pretty cute fan club going on.

Family picture matching

After the wedding Marian came back to the farmhouse for a week, and we got to do all kinds of fun things together! But then I of course was too busy doing fun things and so I didn't take any pictures...oops. But one day we did get to go watch Cyrus' first baseball/T-ball game! That was fun, and it was nice to just be with Marian and Marcela and Jay, whom I don't get to see as often as I'd like.

My little bareback and bridleless riding cowboy whom I'm in love with.

Best time is girl time, including facials that make us all break out. Ha!

Then I had to go a leave paradise to hang out in Idaho and get an education or something.
It's not been terrible, and Quentin is coming to visit me tonight!! I'm waiting for him, which is why I'm blogging instead of looking over the standardized test I'm administering tomorrow...oh well.

I've officially completed 2 whole weeks of my 8 week clinicals though! So that's exciting, and it's gone by CRAZY fast! Like, insanely fast, I don't even know where the time went, except that I all of a sudden know a lot more than I used to.

The first day was a little overwhelming, and I kept thinking "Why are they putting me in a room with someone and expecting me to know how to assess and then treat this person?" Plus, "what if I royally screw up this person's language/speech/social skills/life?...."
But so far so good!! No one's died, or regressed (so far) or even hated me! Granted, I did have one client just not ever show up...but that's not my fault.
And I think I know what I'm doing. At least, I look like I know what I'm doing, and that's pretty much all that matters.
Because of HIPPA and all that jazz, I obviously can't say anything about anything. Which is cool, so I'll just say that I really love the clients that I get to work with, and that I love speech.
It's such a perfect fit for me, as long as I'm not watching you swallow, because actually that makes me sick to my stomach if I do it for too long. So I think I know what I'm NOT going to go into when I finish... 
Also. I never mentioned this I don't think, but I'm starting my first practicum this fall and it's with the Preschool population! I'm thrilled!

A gift straight from the God's. I kid you not when I say I drove an hour for a Karie Anne's fix.

Good old Pokey. I'm actually living with my aunt and commuting to Pocatello every day that I have to be there, which is turning out to be a lot of days. But it's not a bad drive, and I love having more family time.

Only six more weeks and then back to the heat of Washington!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Goodbye to our Logan home

 We said goodbye to our Logan home for the summer, while juggling, school, finals, packing up, quitting jobs, and therefore training new employees, plus fitting in all the last minute things we wanted to do before leaving. It was a busy month!

Our contract ended on May 7th. This same week also happened to be both Quentin and I's finals weeks, and my last week of work, add in there showing off our house to potential renters and packing up everything we owned, I don't think we slept much. We started out by eating at all our favorite places we were going to miss over the summer. #1 was Takara sushi! We eat there too much...oops. Plus, Aggie Station. We decided to mix things up a bit, and took our dinner to the mountain for a picnic.

It's weird to think that we only have one more year, well, less than that even, left in Logan! We've lived there a long time now, and have both thoroughly enjoyed everything about Cache Valley. But I have already started to put together a bucket list of things that we need to do in the next 2 semesters before we leave. Things such as go to a football game....because I haven't stepped foot in the stadium yet! (*insert covered eyes emoji). Embarrassing, I know.

 Dinner on the mountain

Quentin dumpster diving for boxes so we could pack up all our garbage.

Quentin and I enjoyed a little bonfire date night together. We've perfected hobo dinners and s'mores in our time near the canyons of Logan. We've also burned a lot of dinners and frozen our bodies in much too cold of weather for camping too. But we chose to dwell on the good things (:

Said goodbye to my best gal pals! *crying* Thankfully Court is staying in Logan FOREVER, and hopefully Megan and Dan are staying a while longer, but Jess and Jon have already moved off with their perfect mini man. I guess it means road trips, and slumber parties are in the future.

We've gotten addicted to tennis, and Quentin even lets me beat him occasionally. It helps to keep the marriage happy.

Quentin and I both finished our finals on Tuesday, plus, Tuesday was my last day of work. That left us Wednesday and Thursday to get everything out and clean up before we left on Friday. Those were some busy busy days. And it turns out that packing up everything you own is really hard, because you need some of those things! We ended up using all paper plates and silverware for days, plus then I just threw away our towels the last day. I didn't want to haul them to Washington, and there was no way I was going to pack dirty towels! So to the dump they went! (I can just hear the lecture I'd get if I told anyone that over the age of 80, my grandparents especially...)

Wednesday was fine, we loaded all of our big things into the trailer we rented and filled our storage unit with beds, couch, tables, dressers, etc, etc. Then came time for all the boxes of who knows what that we've convinced ourselves we need, or will at some time in our lives need. I thought we had a fairly condensed lifestyle, but I proved myself wrong. And that was after taking bags of stuff to D.I. It's kind of embarrassing all that we have. Plus, all the money we spent on it! Yikes...

Thursday we woke up feeling like we'd accomplished a lot since we were then living in an almost completely empty house, and all we had to do was clean everything. Again, we underestimate basically all of life. We tried to follow all the rules outlined to us by our landlords for cleaning. And if we had done everything as they requested, we would still be cleaning that place. We worked all hours of the day, and long into the night, living off of shaved ice runs and ice cream that was still in the freezer. Thank-you to good friends coming to offer help, and provide good conversation (Thanks Chels!!). By this point Quentin and I had exhausted the "what if" questions, and both decided that if our parents ever move we want to live on the other side of the country when it happens so we're not involved.

Notice all the carnage in the background. This is real life folks.


 We finally got everything done early Friday morning, and then set off to Washington/Idaho for the summer! Hooray for summer adventures, and progressing in our schooling. Quentin's doing an internship for Battelle, and I'm starting my speech clinicals at ISU. It'll be a fun summer, but even more fun when we're done.

Bye bye green house!