Tuesday, July 26, 2016

See You Never Pocatello

It turns out I think I hate Idaho.
Eight weeks is an extremely long time to be away from your cute husband! And also, I was emotionally done at 6 weeks for sure. These last two were utterly painful.

Our cohort all took a trip to Yellowstone, which was a nice break and enjoyable to all be together not talking speech-y things. There was a bad accident almost to Old Faithful with a four hour wait, due to helicopters life-flighting people and such and so we turned around and did the northern loop. Way more enjoyable, and much less crowded. Win, win!

We stopped and hiked to some smaller geysers and hot pots.
On the hike back I kept hearing my name being called out, but couldn't tell where it was coming from, or if it was even me they were yelling to. So I turned around and from behind the corner comes the Rasheed family!

The Rasheed family are some Iraqi refugees that an old friend and I adopted while doing my undergrad schooling at BYU. They didn't speak much English when they got here, and didn't know a single soul. So we would go up there pretty frequently to hang out with them, take them around their new hometown, show them things to do, help them get a job, and mostly to make them feel welcome in a large strange country. 
Plus, we had birthday parties galore! The funnest birthday parties probably ever. They lived in a little refugee community, so there were families from all over the world there, and their common ground was that they also didn't know anyone! Which makes for some great friendships, and fun cultural experiences. I actually still think of the dinners the mom would make us of rice and vegetables of some kind all wrapped up in grape leaves. SO GOOD.

Anyway, there they were! Well, Ali and Hussein. But they told me the girls were just farther back a little bit and that I should go see them. I was so impressed that he recognized me! I ran out to see the girls and got pictures with both and was able to talk and catch up with all of them. The world is so small sometimes, and it's always a good reminder to me that God cares about and loves every single person. I love that Rasheed family.

Ali and Hussein and I.

Keep in mind I'd been running to find them and was afraid they were going to leave without me! So try to excuse the look. But aren't they great! Theeba and Tabarak, I love them.

Honestly, the rest of the pictures on my phone are of Quentin and I sending pictures back and forth to each other all day long. It's exhausting work, and we send some real winners.

What I eat on a regular basis.

Quentin came last weekend! We didn't take any pictures, except these few right before he left. I'm so ready to be done. Imagine wanting to be done but then multiply that by a bajillion.

On the plus side, I've been picking a lot of raspberries! So many actually that we didn't know what to do with all of them. I've eaten my weight in them I'm sure.

And I go to the water park after school some days. Why not, right?

I'm seriously so bored. That's what this means.

I also get Sonic at least twice a week during happy hour. Cherry Limeades for the win!

Last weekend Uncle Craig had a bunch of real farm work to do. He moved a building with his big ol fancy crane here, and Aunt Shari and I helped, but them mostly watched. Cranes are sometimes scary, but always exciting!

Okay, so now I'm ready to go to Washington. What I'm really ready for is to have a house again, but since that's not happening anytime soon, I'll settle for Washington.
I am going to Logan tomorrow though to look at houses! And then I'll be driving home on Thursday after my last client and group session. Hallelujah, and see you never Pocatello!

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Remember how our 3rd Anniversary was in November, and it's currently July. Meaning that we're actually closer to our 4th wedding anniversary than our 3rd? Well. I forgot to post our pictures from our 3rd! And I don't want to lose them. So, for memory sake. Happy super late 3rd Anniversary Quentin!

Thank you to AnnAlyse Chidester for taking our pictures, we love you.

Fourth of July 2016

The Fourth of July! 
Also known as the best holiday of the year! Celebrations of America, and freedom, and bravery! We live in a blessed, blessed land, and I'm truly grateful for all the service of the men and women who serve our country.

My family was all in Branson, Missouri for my Mom's family reunion, and I had to miss it because of clinicals. Boo. Hailey kept sending me selfies of her and my favorite family members on rides, and eating delicious food, and playing so hard. So my selfie back was of course, me re-watching my terrible session trying to coax my client out from under the table. You know, normal stuff. 

I was able to go home for the long weekend, and Quentin and I packed in as much fun stuff as we possibly could! I was able to leave on Thursday after my group session, and was home in Washington by 7pm. We ran out to the farmhouse for an enjoyable evening. I swear the Farmhouse is basically a vacation destination. There's all kinds of toys to play with, four-wheelers, a boat, horses, trampolines, all the best foods, and ONLY the best brands of ice cream (Tillamook), and anything else you could possible want. 

Friday Quentin and I started off by four-wheeling, and flying his plane, and then going jet-skiing on the river all by ourselves. We played around, and then ventured up the Yakima until we were too nervous that it was going to be too shallow. Then we invited Hailey girl to come! She's such a party girl, and now that she's driving, or has been driving, it's so fun to invite her places!

Also, remember how Quentin is the most fun person? I love him. He spoiled me rotten the whole weekend! He kept saying that it felt like we were back in high school, and his girlfriend was coming to visit him, except that his Mom was letting her sleep in his bed with him! Haha! 
Also, we relived a lot of our high school dates, and it was so hilarious and so fun the whole weekend. 

Quentin taught me how to fly his plane, and he said that I'm the best student he's ever had. He's pretty great at flattery. We had a slumber party with Cyrus at the Farmhouse, and let him "fly" the plane too. That little guy is obsessed with planes, and Quentin is basically his favorite person because of it. 

We spent most of the weekend swimming, laying by the pool, doing dive competitions, picking blackberries, making yummy food and being with our great families. On Monday the fourth, the Wright's were putting on their ward's breakfast at their house. So we headed in there to help, and then afterwards they do a neighborhood parade! With a firetruck and everything!
We threw lots of candy, and Quentin and I were the lead four-wheeler, but somehow a bunch of those kids are quick bike riders and we got bombarded. Oops. 

We enjoyed tons of good food, and the best weekend together, and then I had to drive back to get to my cute clients. Quentin comes to visit me next week and I've got lots of great plans up my sleeve!
Hooray for almost being done.

Post Script:

Grandma and Grandpa had been staying at my Aunt's house for a few weeks. They always pick shows on Netflix that put them to sleep, and it makes me laugh so hard.

June Summer Clinicals

Clinicals! I've been in Idaho for 5 weeks now, and I only have 3 left! Hooray! It's gone by so quickly, even when I want to throw a fit about difficult clients, or when I get to the school by 8am only to have my 8:30am client cancel last minute!
But really, it's been wonderful, and I've learned so very, very much. I feel like I know what I'm doing now. Plus, I've gotten into a good routine, and it doesn't take up as much of my time anymore. 
The first two weeks were a little bit crazy. First off, my initial client never showed up, so I had to get a new one the second week. And then! I was told that my Thursday client had called and said they weren't going to make it for that week, so I didn't really plan out my session. Then, Thursday morning I just happened to be walking by the front office during my session time, and there sat my client! So I had to run and get all my stuff/make up stuff/pretend like I knew what I was doing. So, that was fun, and exciting, and I didn't even have time to be nervous! And then it was like, well any other session/client HAS to go better than that one, because I'll at least be prepared for the next one, right? Right.

I'm really loving clinic now, and while I have really young clients who can be difficult, and uninterested, and rowdy and who don't speak any English, I try to let the frustrations not get to me. And I have to remind myself sometimes that any therapy is better than no therapy, and that was this client's other option. So hey, you're welcome! I have a lot of fun in there, too! We play a lot of games, we color, we do stickers, we play with water and beans, and pretend kitchens and animals, and all kinds of little kid play! We do lots of scavenger hunts, and bowling, and bubbles, and memory playing as well as tons of other games. It's fun to be a kid again, but also to have the knowledge of what to do to get them to use their language! As well as being able to elicit certain behaviors! I sometimes feel like a magician, because the clients that I have don't know that they're being shaped and molded, but yet, they change during a one hour session. Speech is so fun.

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 Weekends are the hardest away from Quentin. I'm so busy during the week with clients and my class, and then bam! The weekend hits, and I didn't think of anything to entertain me, and so I get bored. But Quentin came 2 weeks into me being gone, and then I went home for the Fourth of July, and he's coming again this next weekend, and then I go home!

Quentin came Thursday afternoon, and got to Idaho late Thursday, so Friday started off by heading to Pocatello for my one class and then we explored the old town and ate yummy ice cream. We wandered into some really cute antique shops, and we both wanted to walk out with things, but since we're homeless it didn't make much sense. I love that Quentin likes antique shopping though.

We then of course had to even out our day with a little gun shopping for Quentin. So while he enjoys antique-ing with me, he's also not one to deny himself the things he truly enjoys. 

We spent a lot of time just hanging out with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Friday evening, then decided to get ourselves a kitten! Mostly something for me to play with while I'm here in Idaho, and then the Farmhouse can get another cute baby girl. We named her Ginger- and call her Gigi.
She's quite playful, and sassy! Cats are nice because they're no work. Those are the types of animals I like. Unless they're horses, all the work for all the horses!

Saturday we drove up early to Rexburg for the infamous air show! Basically Quentin's dream day. The airshow was really fantastic though, they used pylometrics! A bunch of old war planes were flying, and they made it seem like they were shooting at us, and it was seriously shocking at first, but then really thrilling. Quentin loved it, and I took a mini nap during it, but was still quite entertained.

We also drove around Rexburg, and reminisced on our short stint of living there. Then, because you can't go to Rexburg and not eat at Karie Anne's, we stuffed ourselves silly on Italian ice and frozen custard. Mmm, just thinking about it now has me all drooly. 


Sunday was spent at church, and since it was Father's Day, I spoiled Quentin with my presence! We had a great big BBQ at my cousin's house and it was so fun to get all together for a while.

 Quentin met me in Pocatello after my early morning client on Monday and we hung out for a bit, while I cried about how terrible my first session with them had just gone, and Quentin laughed at me. And then he was back on his way to Washington, and I went back to my paperwork and therapy-ing.

It was a busy and eventful month, and at the end of this one, I get to go home to play for a whole month before school starts again! Hooray!