Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The last days of Summer

After leaving Pocatello, and Idaho we went immediately to Loon Lake with the Wright's! Loon Lake is always so fun, and there's endless amounts of activities, plus, food, food and more food.

Quentin and I and Nick and Ashley all went golfing in Chewelah early one morning. The course was empty, and tons of fun. I haven't been golfing in far too long, so it was great to get out there again. Quentin wasn't going to play, just ride in the cart. However when he saw just how much he was missing out he played a few holes for me, and he even did better than me!
His drives were straight and his puts were on par. I was so proud, I taught him everything he knows about golf. But also, he's just good at everything he touches. Boys.

It was a great morning, and fun to add variety to the boating week. Plus, golfing is my favorite sport.

Family pictures on the beach. We have such a fun family!

Days were filled with slalom skiing, double skiing (my favorite), wake boarding, trying to teach Charlize how to ski, tubing, jet skiing for dayzzz, paddle boarding, peddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and double knee boarding! Double knee boarding is my new favorite activity. Dead serious. It sounds like an old man's sport, but it really is a good thigh workout, and it's so fun! It adds a whole new element to put two people out there, and you get to do fun tricks with someone else, so hello. Brilliant. I tried again and again to perfect my 360*, but no suck luck. Oh well, next year I will.

When we came home from Loon Lake, Quentin had one more week of his internship, and I had nothing to do but play, play play!
One of our Quentin's good friends asked us to house-sit their home while they were away at the lake. They have a HUGE house. With a heated pool, and hot tub, and workout room, etc, etc. Plus, it's right on the river, and the view is perfect.
So we enjoyed pretending to be in our own home again, and swam every single night and day.

Hailey and I went horse shopping one day. I forgot that I know a lot about horses? It's true, everything was just coming back to me, and I knew which questions to ask, and how to be around a new and skittish horse. Something are so ingrained that you forget about them, but they're always there. Side note: we didn't buy the horse. But he's a pretty one!

My mom, Hailey, Mackay and I, plus Janine's family all went up near Mt. Rainier to go hiking. We did the Naches Loop trail which was easy with great views! Cyrus was my little hiking buddy, and would run up the trail to catch up to me. I also brought snap peas for my snack, and shared some with him. Apparently I've introduced him to his new favorite food! Then he said the other day to Janine. 
"Mom, Aunt Becca is my favorite because she is always happy and funny. I think she's always happy because she eats snap peas. No wait, maybe it's because she eats avocados?"
That kid. He's a cutie. And it's true, snap peas and avocados will make anyone happy!

We celebrated Brenda's birthday right before we left. She's been wanting a gun for a while, and who can deny the woman. So Quentin and I trekked on down to east Pasco to look at Grigg's Department Store and their gun selection. It's been a long time since I've been down there, and I forget how much fun it is! Plus, Grigg's was Quentin's first job in high school, and he used to call me on his lunch break while he ate his chewy Spree candies with a can of Root Beer, and we talked for the whole hour. Every day. So sweet that little high school Quentin was.

A couple days later, Thursday morning we headed out of town at 6am for Wallowa Lake, Oregon! My family has been going to Wallowa lake since long before I was born, and we really just love it. So many funny memories there, and it has the cutest little downtowns, plus the lake is HUGE and always feels so good after hiking.
As we were driving in my Mom told me about the first time they had gone to Wallowa. They had just moved to Washington, and they had a few tiny little kiddos. My Mom and Dad really wanted their little boys to experience camping, and so they asked around at church where a good place to go with little ones was. One guy in the ward told them they HAD to go this little lake in Oregon not too far away. So my parents start planning this trip and get everything all packed up and plan to leave on a Friday after my dad gets off work. This is all in the end of May, or the very beginning of June. They drive all the way there, and as they're heading up the mountain they notice snow on the ground.
They see the turnoff for the lake and the campsites but the road is closed, it's not open for the summer yet! It's now late at night, and they have all these kids with nowhere to sleep or even eat. They keep looking at all the next turnoffs, and eventually one was open. Just as they pull in there, some lone man is leaving, and he left his fire going. So hallelujah, they didn't have to build a fire, and they roasted their hot dogs, and s'mores and all slept in the van! Happy endings.
And now we go to Wallowa as often as we can!

This time however was for backpacking. So we didn't spend lots of time at the lake. But that's the beauty of Wallowa, you can do the lake, or not and there's still copious amounts of things to keep you busy.

Trav had planned a backpacking trip for us and his family. We had my mom and dad, Hailey girl, Brett and Cassie came up for it, Quentin and I, Trav and Janine and Jonas and Livian.
It's planned to be a 6 mile hike in, and we'll all be camping on an island! Super exciting.

This year's hike was much simpler, and easier than when we hiked to Lake Minam two years ago.
No snow this time! Plus, we had a trail the whole entire time, and the elevation gain was much less.
We did get to hike next to a waterfall this time, and along the stream for much of the hike.
Overall, this year's hike was easy peasy, and I think just maybe Quentin will keep coming with us now.

Just some cuties along the trail!

Quentin and I didn't camp on the island, but along the wider river a little ways off. We parked our cute tent just right along the edge, and didn't even bother with the rain fly, because we knew the stars were going to be so bright.
Well. that evening, we're sleeping, and we're both freezing in our sleeping bags. (note to self: rain flys keep in some warmth.) When Quentin and I start hearing animals walking around our tent. I noticed them, but thought that I must be crazy so I tried my best to ignore them and get some more sleep. Quentin on the other hand peeps up and looks out the window/mesh to see what's out there. Unfortunately, it looks like a skunk...
So then, Quentin is super nervous that he's going to scare it, or startle it, and we'll be sprayed and then of course MISERABLE for days/maybe even years.
So, he of course, tries to ignore it as well, and huddle down in his sleeping bag to provide as much protection from potential spray as possible. But then the animal starts to pull on our packs that we'd left sitting right outside the tent door. There wasn't anything in our packs, we'd hung up all of our food, but for some reason this animal wanted our packs! Our packs were of course right next to Quentin's head. So when the animal is nibbling on them, and pulling them away from the tent it's hitting Quentin's head, and so he's passively fighting back, and holding onto our packs through the tent's mesh. He's a brave one that Quentin.
So once again Quentin decides he needs to see what type of animal this is, and he peeks up again to look out the window, and notices that it's not a skunk, but a porcupine, with huge spikey quills! 
So then, Quentin decides that he needs some additional help from this determined porcupine, and he wakes me up by telling me "Becca....there's a porcupine outside our tent trying to steal our packs and shoes...." I started giggling so hard, and couldn't stop laughing! It was just too comical.
So we decide the best thing to do is to shine our headlamps on it to kind of scare it away, and hopefully they can't shoot their quills like I think they probably can...
So we do, and eventually the porcupine lumbers away towards the island. Not our problem anymore.

Upon returning to Wallowa, Trav and Janine's family headed back home, and Mom, Dad, Hailey girl, Q & I and Brett and Cassie hung around for another day of fun! Plus, Quentin and I were leaving for Logan straight from there.
The next morning we decided to hit up the Go-Karts before Q and I ditched town. We got the course all to ourselves, and it was quite eventful. The second time around the course, I was pulling a fast one and passing Hailey girl when she decided to ram me off the course and into these big black garbage cans! Little did I know, they were full of WATER to cushion the blow if anyone was to do that exact thing, so I was SOAKED, and then it made the coarse wet, which made it so you didn't have any traction, and added to the fun. It was hilarious, and we all laughed and laughed about it for a long time. Then everyone headed to the lake and Quentin and I left for Logan! Back to real-life unfortunately....