Friday, October 28, 2016


I was tricked!
In the best way possible though. We're having a tiny baby girl in March! The best news to ever be tricked by, am I right? Little girls are so cute and sweet, so obviously we're really thrilled. 

We had our ultrasound appointment on Wednesday the 19th. I was officially 20 weeks along. Quentin and I met up and headed to the doctor together.  We were both so excited, and eager to see tiny baby again! This ultrasound was SO fun. 
The tech took us back and we started up right away. I am always relieved when they find the heartbeat right away. And it is completely WILD that there are two hearts beating inside of me.  
Anyway, the appointment was great, we got to see the brain, and the heart, kidneys, bladder, and everything else of importance. It. Was. Amazing. 
I forgot that I love anatomy, and that the human body is truly remarkable. One human, can make a complete other person! Whoa. 
Anyway. Then, we found out we were having a girl!!!!! Quentin and I were both shocked and so EXCITED. We looked at each other and just laughed and laughed. The tech guy checked at least three more times during the rest of the appointment, and Everytime. Still a girl! 
We found out baby girl was/is the size of a can of pop basically. and weighs 12 oz. Which is still teeny, itty, bitty, tiny, but growing! So that's all that matters.
So, now we're thinking all about pink and bows, and girly names. It's maybe my favorite thing ever. 

Twenty weeks. 
Doesn't do the belly justice, but hey. 
I will say, some of my pants aren't fitting very well lately. And little girl has an attitude about it! 

This is not related to anything. Except for the fact that I love the lunches I get at the school I'm working at. They have a fabulous salad bar every day, and they have beets!! Like, my favorite food that I NEVER bother to make. So yeah. It's my favorite. 

Also not related. 
Quentin looking so cute on campus with me. Love these warm fall days. 

Baby girl!!
She is/was curled up into the tiniest ball and is stubborn! It was tough to get a picture of her face, since her hands and even feet were blocking it. Oh well. She's bound to be adorable. 

We're super excited to see what baby girl looks like. But then again, I look at these pictures and realize that she is going to be pretty lucky. I mean, Quentin was adorable, and me? I never really realized that smirk was so apparent! Haha

Okay, but seriously? QUENTIN'S face!

I made Quentin go to the fabric store with me after we found out about baby girl. Then, because I'm not busy or anything, I decided to make a quilt!

I decided on hexagons, because, again. I'm not busy already, and I've made so many hexagon quilts before...haha!
I've just finished the top, and it actually wasn't too terrible. It's not perfect, and corners don't match everywhere, but, I think it's cute! So now to find the perfect backing and get it quilted. I might turn that part over to my mom. 

Also. I started a new job! This news is fairly old, but, still new -ish! 
I'm now working at the Logan Cancer Center few days a week. I LOVE it.
Okay, that's all. Yay for updates and for baby girls and all things pink!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to ME!


Let's all just pretend I'm still 21, because I definitely feel that way. Actually, Sam and I were chatting on my birthday, and I told her, I guess 27 won't be too terrible of an age, I'll at least get a baby for part of it! She just said, wait, you're 27? I thought you were 22?...Ha! So that doesn't make me feel so bad, because honestly, I feel 22.
The other day I told my doctor that I dread the day I turn 35 and become high risk for babies and pregnancy, and that I still feel 21, and heaven forbid the 30's are nearer than they are far now! He laughed and said he still feels 21. I think he was offended because I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Especially when he told me his oldest child is 21, and I made a bad joke about them being best friends. Annnnyway. My doctor is great ya'll. And I guess I appreciate that he still feels 21 too.

Speaking of Dr. appointments, we have another one next week! It's technically when they do their big anatomy scan, blah, blah, blah. Which should be super exciting, I've already rescheduled it four times, no exaggeration. I'm going to give my Dr. home-baked bread or something as a token for being the neediest of patients. Actually, not neediest, just the ficklest. I reschedule every single appointment I make, but I can't help that my life is constantly changing!

For example, I used to just do my practicum on Monday, Wednesdays and every other Friday. Which, I still do. But I also just barely got a new job, hooray! It's at the hospital ironically, and it's Tuesday's and Thursday's, and every other Friday. So now I never have a free day. Plus, I am still waiting for my clearance through the hospital to go through, so I'm not even sure what day I'll be starting my new job, which meant that I had to reschedule all my Tuesday/Thursday appointments, but to when? Exactly. Plus, Dr's work weird days, who takes ALL Wednesday's off? I mean, I know a lot of dentists do...but that's because it's usually a slow day. Even though I was SO grateful that when I worked for Dr. L the dentist, we had Friday's off. 3-day weekends every weekend were glorious. Anyway, so now all my appointments are on Monday's and maybe Friday's, but I have to skip my practicum to get there. So that's fine. I have so many hours there already I'll be just fine.

Oh, and my Dr. told us it's a boy! He did another ultrasound at like....13 weeks I think, and that's when he said he thinks it's a boy! I obviously really like boys. So there's that.I guess the gender could change by the time we go in next week, however, I think I've thought it was a boy the whole time. So I'll be crazy shocked if that's the case. 

Oh, and look! I bought these...whoops. But, the airplane?? I couldn't not. Plus, I went to this huge Saranoni Warehouse sale that was last weekend here in Logan (FYI there are a CRAZY amount of places that are based out of Cache Valley. No really, a crazy amount.) And they were selling their huge blankets for a steal of a deal, in fact everything there was a STEAL of a deal. However I only had real eyes for baby things. Plus, I have so many friends having babies right now, or in the near-ish future, I just thought it was a grand ol time to stock up on cute gifts. Plus, the airplane! So cute, I died. 

Back to my birthday celebrations...

Tuesday I didn't have work, or practicum stuff or school stuff. So we woke up, Quentin made me a delicious breakfast, and I did pilates for a whole hour! Maybe more. I'm in love with pilates. It's my new favorite, and I swear it works, sometimes better than when I do crazy intense workouts. So...I'm liking that. Plus, the weather has been so nice lately, and I've been enjoying lots of walks and runs outside. Also, Quentin's schedule this semester is absurd. Mondays and Wednesdays he doesn't start until 3! And even then, he only has one class until 4:30. And Tuesdays and Thursdays he doesn't start until noon, and he's done by 3 I think. It's ridiculous. Anyway. So I somehow convinced him to skip his noon class...and we went and got free Jamba Juices! Plus my free Firehouse Subs sandwich, which whoa, I love that place too much. Then we picnic-ed and I dropped Q off at school for an hour. When I picked him up we went bowling, and I won! Typical. I always forget that I took a bowling class with Sam at BYU, and that I got really good at it once upon a time! It's a fun talent to have, except even still I wasn't fantastic. We ended the afternoon with dinner at Olive Garden and their chocolate cheesecake cake. Mmm, so delicious. 

Honestly, you just CANNOT beat that form! hahaha...

Also, haha, clown shoes!

After dinner, we came home and tried to bake a cake. It's a weird tradition that we have in this household, but every single year that we make a cake for my birthday, Quentin claims that he's going to take care of the whole thing. He even picks the recipe and everything, and then we always, always, always end up burning it, with actual flames in the oven. Whoops. For some silly reason, we/I/Q always overestimate how big my cake pans are, and over-fill them, leading to spilling cake batter in the oven, and hence, fire. It was a good thing we brought home the dessert from Olive Garden, and had a back-up plan...

In the midst of a fire-smelling home, it was a fabulous birthday. I love birthdays, and I love Quentin, he always spoils me rotten, and I love being spoiled (:

Oh yeah, and...we decided to announce to the world that we were having a tiny, little baby! I still sometimes forget that I'm pregnant. So I guess that means it's going well!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New apartment!

We moved into our new apartment! It's brand spankin' new, and also on the fourth floor. So there's pros and cons, obviously. We didn't have any knobs in our kitchen for a few weeks, and we get a serious workout any time we go grocery shopping, and don't even mention moving everything up all those stairs! I really think we won't have to ever have a leg day again, at least until May.

It took me a while to get anything on the walls and furniture organized. Mostly because, we decided to sell everything! It was really fun, it turns out that I love dejunking too much probably. 
I was trying to get Quentin to agree to sell every single thing that we own, except for the couch, my beloved chair, and our bed. He didn't think that was the best idea. But come May, it's all gone! 
Except for the chair. I love that thing.

Midst of moving in process. Taking a much needed break between the hundreds of trips up and down those stairs we did. I've never hated STUFF so much in my whole life.
And I thought we didn't own very much!
But you should see us now. minimalists!

Also, funny story:
 That book on top is one of my textbooks for my fluency (stuttering, blockages, etc.) class that I'm taking this semester.
When it came in the mail one day I opened it up, and said "duh, duh, duuuuuhhhhh, It's here!!"

Quentin looked over at me and said "don't you mean dddddddddduh duh, duuuuhhhh?"

I know it's bad. But I laughed so hard, and hey, it's actually proven beneficial to pseudo-stutter with people who stutter so you know what it's like!
Also, in this class I had to spend half a day pseudo-stuttering. Verrrry interesting indeed. 

Lots and lots and lots of crap.

The view out the bedroom window is so pretty! You can see all of Cache Valley, because we're up so high, and on a hill. It's my favorite part of the whole place!

Oh yes. Also, a week after we moved in, we had our first visitors!
Janine, Cyrus and Charlotte all came down for Janine's nieces wedding and we got to play all weekend! Janelle, Isabelle and Ethan also came, and I gave them the very best Logan tour. We decided to do a bunch of food factory places, so the kids would be interested. And let me just tell you. We scored. 
First, I took them to Gossner's, which is one of my favorite places ever. We buy cheese there on the regular, and I love it. It's the best cheese, and I know it's at the top of the list of things I'll miss about Logan. Anyway. The kids all got to see some cheese being made through the window, and then of course try every type of cheese they make, along with all of their milks!

Janine fell in love with Gossner's, and that proves to me her good taste. They have all different kinds of shelf-stable milks, as well as whipping cream! I keep the whipping cream on hand all the time, and a lot of the chocolate milks. Janine bought cases to go back with her! It's a really great thing for food storage, or kids in general, or wait, anyone who likes chocolate milk, which should be everyone.

Then I took them to the Bluebird Chocolate Candy Factory! I'd heard this tour was a hit or miss, but let me just say, that if you're ever in Logan between Memorial day and Labor day on a Tuesday or Friday. GO! It was the very best food tour hands down, plus the best samples (Chocolates, duh!), and then of course you get to buy chocolates at the end if you wish, and you can't go wrong.

Plus, they have the same machine that is in the I Love Lucy episode that Lucy and Ethel get jobs in the chocolate factory, and they can't keep up with the belt, and so they start stuffing chocolates in their mouths? Right. Watch that episode too, it's my favorite.

Anyway. We're moved in now, and officially accepting all visitors!
We've already have three sets of visitors in the first month, and I that to me is success!