Friday, October 28, 2016


I was tricked!
In the best way possible though. We're having a tiny baby girl in March! The best news to ever be tricked by, am I right? Little girls are so cute and sweet, so obviously we're really thrilled. 

We had our ultrasound appointment on Wednesday the 19th. I was officially 20 weeks along. Quentin and I met up and headed to the doctor together.  We were both so excited, and eager to see tiny baby again! This ultrasound was SO fun. 
The tech took us back and we started up right away. I am always relieved when they find the heartbeat right away. And it is completely WILD that there are two hearts beating inside of me.  
Anyway, the appointment was great, we got to see the brain, and the heart, kidneys, bladder, and everything else of importance. It. Was. Amazing. 
I forgot that I love anatomy, and that the human body is truly remarkable. One human, can make a complete other person! Whoa. 
Anyway. Then, we found out we were having a girl!!!!! Quentin and I were both shocked and so EXCITED. We looked at each other and just laughed and laughed. The tech guy checked at least three more times during the rest of the appointment, and Everytime. Still a girl! 
We found out baby girl was/is the size of a can of pop basically. and weighs 12 oz. Which is still teeny, itty, bitty, tiny, but growing! So that's all that matters.
So, now we're thinking all about pink and bows, and girly names. It's maybe my favorite thing ever. 

Twenty weeks. 
Doesn't do the belly justice, but hey. 
I will say, some of my pants aren't fitting very well lately. And little girl has an attitude about it! 

This is not related to anything. Except for the fact that I love the lunches I get at the school I'm working at. They have a fabulous salad bar every day, and they have beets!! Like, my favorite food that I NEVER bother to make. So yeah. It's my favorite. 

Also not related. 
Quentin looking so cute on campus with me. Love these warm fall days. 

Baby girl!!
She is/was curled up into the tiniest ball and is stubborn! It was tough to get a picture of her face, since her hands and even feet were blocking it. Oh well. She's bound to be adorable. 

We're super excited to see what baby girl looks like. But then again, I look at these pictures and realize that she is going to be pretty lucky. I mean, Quentin was adorable, and me? I never really realized that smirk was so apparent! Haha

Okay, but seriously? QUENTIN'S face!

I made Quentin go to the fabric store with me after we found out about baby girl. Then, because I'm not busy or anything, I decided to make a quilt!

I decided on hexagons, because, again. I'm not busy already, and I've made so many hexagon quilts before...haha!
I've just finished the top, and it actually wasn't too terrible. It's not perfect, and corners don't match everywhere, but, I think it's cute! So now to find the perfect backing and get it quilted. I might turn that part over to my mom. 

Also. I started a new job! This news is fairly old, but, still new -ish! 
I'm now working at the Logan Cancer Center few days a week. I LOVE it.
Okay, that's all. Yay for updates and for baby girls and all things pink!

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