Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I just love the holiday season. I always feel like my birthday is a great kickoff into the holidays, and they just get better and better from there. November was a busy month. I keep telling Quentin that I think my expiration date for being the energizer bunny is going to happen sooner rather than later. I've been working more hours than I expected, plus fitting in my practicum once or twice a week, schooling like a MAD WOMAN, and growing a baby. AND, we even eat on a fairly regular basis.

I have been ready for a real break for a while, and hallelujah Christmas break is coming! Also, I'm dead serious about this, I am SO GRATEFUL for jobs that let me have all the time off in the world that I want. I don't have to do any of that time off request stuff, and I'm not limited on my days at all. I would literally not function if that wasn't the case. I hate being tied down, and I need my vacations, desperately! Now, on to Thanksgiving!

November is anniversary month for Quentin and I! This year it's been four years since we got married, whoa. It went by so quick. We were laughing and talking about some of the fun and crazy things that we've done in the last four years together, which made it seem like we've never not been married. Also, let's be real, I dated a few winners, and every anniversary that comes around I'm reminded how much I love Quentin, and am SO grateful that I waited and waited for years to marry him instead of anyone else. Even though I had to wait a LONG time.

We started out celebrating by making a delicious dinner by candlelight. Food is pretty much how we celebrate these days. We also went out to Cafe Sabor, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Logan. Plus we've had a gift card to there for two years now and hadn't used it. AND! We got tickets to go to The Forgotten Carols next weekend, so that's part of our celebration too!

We then drove to Washington to spend the Thanksgiving break with out families. Sam was having a baby shower and we were not about to miss it! Plus, with her not coming for Christmas this year, and me not going to be able to go out to Cali when she has her mystery gender baby, Q and I decided we'd best get our booty's up to WA to spend some time with her and Chad. So, we did!
Granted, I didn't take any pictures with them, but you know, that just means it was true quality time spent (:

I love going home to Washington, but Quentin and I love going there for different reasons I think. 
I personally love hanging out with people I don't get to normally see, riding horses, picking apples, setting up Christmas trees, doing girl things with my favorite girls, etc, etc.
Quentin loves to go to Washington because our dad's are always working on projects, and that means toys - in the form of hydraulics and big tires with big engines. AKA Quentin's favorite stuff ever. This year Roger has been working on a pole barn in their back yard, and Quentin helped dig holes and set posts and pour concrete. If you ever couldn't find Quentin, even at like seven in the morning, it's because he was out there playing on the equipment. I'm not kidding. 
It's actually one of my favorite things about him, he loves to work! Which is really good for us, I'm a bad worker, and a worse employee. But don't tell the hospital, they think I'm great!
Quentin and I laugh a lot about how many people I've fooled into thinking I'm a great employee actually...oh well.

Other than Quentin working on the pole barn in the back yard, we also picked apples with my Dad one Sunday. We gleaned them actually. Ever since the commercial orchard across the street from my parents house took out their Honeycrisp apples a year ago our family has been in slight mourning. A lot of years ago they approached my dad and asked him to take out our little family orchard that we had. If we would then they said we would forever have rights to whatever fruit we wanted of theirs. And they have a lot of variety of fruits! So I mean, it worked. But then they took out the Honeycrisp, and we all died a little inside. I kid, we're all fine. And they have great apples just down the road, so we survive, but they better put in something just as fabulous as Honeycrisp, or I really will be angry!
Anyway, we drove down the road and picked a bunch of cider apples that had been left. Quentin and I brought a bucket back to Logan, and man, I eat at least one of those babies a day. 

My family also always does a "Pie Night" on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This is mostly because on Thanksgiving day you're always so stuffed after dinner it feels like maybe you don't get to appreciate all the desserts and pies that evening. So we like to make sure that we get all our pies in on Wednesday before, and Thursday too, but that way we extend our holiday, and really appreciate all those calories. We had the Wright's out and Trav and the kids, as well as Cassie's parents out for it. It was so fun! I love get-togethers really. We ate homemade chicken noodle soup, and then all loaded up on all the pies we could. Yumm! 
I can attest that it helped to grow this baby bump too, so success all around!

We then had to of course go Black Friday shopping! What would a Thanksgiving vacation be without some Christmas shopping? We ended up going Thursday night...(don't judge!) because we really wanted to get this deal at Walmart, and we did! Worth it, and then Friday afternoon when all the crazies were gone. Although there were still tons of people everywhere. But we scored some really great deals, and had a super fun time too! 
Now I'm sitting here procrastinating studying for my comprehensive finals and dreaming about Christmas break. I just really like vacationing. I can't help it.

Black Friday Shopping!

We made a few gingerbread houses to start out the Christmas season. I put Quentin in charge of the extra candies from Winco's bulk candy section. As you can see he is professional at candy picking, even if some of those are not good for gingerbread houses, he thoroughly enjoyed it at least.

And now we're back in Logan finishing up final projects, working, finalizing my practicum stuff, setting up new practicum stuff, studying for finals, Christmas shopping, and realizing that a baby girl is going to be here sooner than I think, and that I'd best start thinking about that already!
I'm not sure it it's been denial, or if I'm just thinking that nine months is longer than it is, but I realized I haven't thought about anything we'll need at all, and that I'd best get on that already. Do babies need a place to sleep? Or can a little rock n' play thing work? Do they have to have a tub? Can I just wash their tiny bodies in the sink? What about all babies need bottles? Do I need to think about car seats, and strollers?....yikes.
Basically I've been thinking we'd get by on diapers, wipes, blankets and maybe an outfit or two...I've been disillusioned.