Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goodbye Tonsils!

Quentin's been needing his tonsils out for a while now. Brenda finally told him that if he was going to do it, he'd better do it while he was still on her insurance. The end of that is coming up quick! 
So we ended up yanking those babies out.
Quentin's never had surgery before, and he's never, ever been under general anesthesia before either! He kept asking people what it was like to be put to sleep, and I told him, it's like the best nights sleep of your life that only lasted for what feels like two minutes.
I also told him it would be really great if he tried to tell a joke while they were putting him under, because guaranteed he wouldn't be able to make it to the punch line, and then they'd all be left in suspense! I wish I knew what joke he picked, he doesn't remember...

He was such a good patient, and the Doc said the surgery went great. Pretty quick and easy. I think we were in the hospital a total of three or four hours.

We've been told the recovery for this surgery is a solid two weeks. This first week wasn't too terrible, he's been watching hours upon hours of YouTube, and studying for his next aviation test, all while eating mashed potatoes and all the popsicles he wants.
I do get a little bit jealous when I have to get my pregnant belly all ready in the mornings still and get to work or the school by 8am every day...
Also, mostly because Quentin has made my breakfast and lunch every day for the past two semesters, and now I have to do that myself...It's been rough I tell ya!

He really has been the easiest patient though, and it's kind of fun to baby him a bit before he gets to baby me and a tiny baby soon!