Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Baby Progress

I thought it might be fun to compile all of the progress pictures I've taken of myself this pregnancy. Mostly because I've noticed that the last month my body has literally EXPLODED.
No, honestly, it's true. You'll get to see for yourself soon enough! 
Bodies are so cool, girls' bodies are super cool. And growing a tiny baby is pretty fun. I highly recommend it to everyone considering!

Pregnant. Ten weeks along or something. Tired but thankfully never sick.

Twelve weeks along, and backpacking!
I remember being so tired when we finally got to our campsite that afternoon/evening.

Oh yes. A bathroom picture. Fourteen weeks.

Pregnancy announcement ideas.
19 weeks.

Announced on my birthday, and 19 weeks along.

Still 19 weeks.

21 weeks, and more bathroom pictures. (:

Was working at my practicum, and the cancer center. 
22 weeks along.

I felt like I was really starting to show, especially when I would only eat cookies for lunch...
22 weeks-ish.

25 Weeks!

25 Weeks!

30 weeks and bronchitis. 

30 Weeks and Christmas!

33 Weeks and heading to church.

34 Weeks

35 weeks.

37 Weeks...and waiting patiently.

38 weeks and walking way too many miles all the time. Plus, yoga is my favorite thing. Maybe ever.
Currently 39 weeks, but don't have any photographic evidence to prove it.
Baby girl, come on already!

Good-bye February, Hello Baby Month!

February is such a good month, but it's not baby month, and so I can say adios! February was however filled with so many fun activities, and love, love, love!

Baby girl added a few pounds to her body.
And to mine...

Q & I made a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's, and a cheesecake!
No documentation of the cheesecake because I forgot.

I've been wanting to re-arrange our bedroom for a little while now, and we finally got to it.

It was helpful that we needed a place to put BB girl's things in the fairly near future. So for one whole weekend, we arranged furniture, and got out all the baby clothes we've been gifted, and organized everything! It was way more fun for me than for Quentin I think. But he definitely still loved it.

Also, we went in for our appointment this last Friday, and my doctor told me I'd shrunk!
I didn't know that was possible...

But, it worried my doctor enough that we got to do another ultrasound.
He was actually worried that I'd stopped producing amniotic fluid, and told us that if it was below a certain number I'd be getting induced that day...
That was a tiny bit terrifying, because first off, we didn't have anything packed or ready, and also, I really want this to be a March baby! And I didn't want to be in labor for dayssss.

The good news is that everything looked great, and she's just apparently pretty itty bitty. I guess we'll get to see for ourselves in the next little while! (Crossing fingers that it's sooner rather than later...)

Okay, but seriously. I'm already obsessed with her perfect lips.
Come on Baby Girl, join the party already!

I'm also officially done with my practicum for this semester. I finished yesterday, and it'll be so nice to have a free couple of days each week. But I'm going to miss it much more than I anticipated! I had the best supervisor, and learned so much from her, and really became good friends with her, and I'm going to miss all of that! Plus, the kiddos. So many good, sweet and fun kiddos that I got to test and treat every day. I love speech so much, and am glad it was such a great experience this semester. But I guess I'm also ready to take care of a teeny tiny baby all the time too. (: