Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Big News!

Can you tell that I'm back to work? I've had time to post three blog posts in ONE day! I'm also catching up on homework printing...and reading my books!
You've got to fill your time with something when spending it all away from your cute little girl, and husband. So alas, here I am. Enjoying it as much as I can.

I wasn't actually supposed to come back to work for a few more weeks, but then I felt bad when they asked me if I could come back earlier, because...


So, technically, I would have never come back to work if I'd waited for my six weeks to be up.
Which, never working is probably my dream job, but oftentimes I feel this terrible obligation to be a good person. It's rotten.
The good news is that I like my job though, and I get to write on my blog! And do homework, which is what I should be working on, but am not. Oh well.

Quentin has been working so hard to finish his A&P license, and apply to jobs, and figure out where we'll be headed straightaway after he graduates. He was adamant that we not stick around Logan for any longer, and that we don't have to have any in-between time.
Many people in his program are waiting to graduate before they take the A&P tests, but thankfully Quentin was able to study and take each one this semester.
They're huge tests. Two written, and then one oral, and one practical.
Quentin had scheduled his oral and practical, the last one, on March 1st and was a little nervous that he would have to reschedule if baby girl came early.
Lucky for him, she stayed put right where she was for another week.
He passed though! It was a LONG day. He started at 9am, and wasn't finished until 9pm, but it was well worth it to be finished. I'm so proud of him!
He then began applying to jobs, and the day after Bridgett was born, while we were still in the hospital, he had a phone interview with a company out in California.
He had a few other phone interviews, but the next week the California company asked if he would fly out to see their facility and do another interview with them.
Bridgett wasn't even 2 weeks old, and I as being thrown to the wolves! My Mom had already come and gone, and Brenda was planning to leave the same day Quentin was to fly out there.
So I rode the solo motherhood train for five days, and it went surprisingly well.
It's all because Bridgett is a fabulous baby though.

Anyway upon his return he was offered the job!
It's for a company called Zee.Aero and they're making an all electric small airplane. Quentin tells me to say that it's the Tesla of airplanes. (Ohhh fancy!)
He's really thrilled though to be on the leading edge of aviation, and to get to do so much r&d in the aviation field. I'm excited because it's the same company that Sam works for and so we get to be close! Also, because living in California, while it definitely wasn't in our plans for our future, does have a lot to offer, and should be really exciting to explore!

Quentin starts his job the third week of May, and we're moving from Logan the first of May.
We'll then head to Washington to bless baby girl Bridgett and start a summer of California adventures!
We'll be living in Hollister, which is where my sister-in-law grew up, and they have really great farmer's markets! It's probably in my top five of reasons to be excited about the move.

Be sure to tell us anything we need to do in or near the area!

Our little California babe. (:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bridgett - One Month

Welp, Bridgett is a month old. 
It's official that this month has gone by a million times faster than any of the months of being pregnant. Honestly, pregnancy was great, I thankfully, had an uncomplicated and easy one, and even still, having a baby is about ten bijillion times better. At least!

Back to Bridgett. We've really enjoyed having her around. She's sweet, and already getting quite the personality. She gives the best grins, that are evasive when the camera comes out. She's also so fun! She goes everywhere with us, and is a great shopper, but not so good at attending church. 
She's quite the kicker, loves to see things, ANYTHING, and is a big fan of eating.

We went in to the doctor the other day and she weighs 8lbs 15oz, 25th percentile. She's 19.5 inches long, also 25th percentile, and her head is also 25th percentile. She's nothing if not consistent!

Highlights from Bridgett's first month of life include:

Being itty bitty in her Daddy's hands. But having a giant yawn!

Sleeping in the big kids bed.

Not fitting into any of her clothes.

Taking her first walk of many around the temple.

Playing dress up in a bunch of Mom's old baby clothes!
Please note the bonnet! I'm figuring out how to incorporate it into her blessing outfit.

First shopping trip for prom dresses for Hailey Girl!

Snuggling her whole life, and just being adorable.

Hanging out with one of her three favorite Aunt Hailey's

Being cute with Dad

Close up time!
First photoshoot.

Wearing Mom's old blessing dress, with a different bonnet. 
She kind of looks like a pioneer baby. I'm loving all the vintage-y baby clothes.

She turned a whole week old!

Hung out with her boyfriend, Grady.

Just all the walks around Logan. She's been loving the wrap.

Mom's coming home from the hospital outfit. Plus, it has bunny feet, so I've been having her wear it as much as she possibly can. It's the cutest!

Turning into a baby. Making her parents love her too much.

Already has the super smarts.

More naps with daddy.

Meeting her bestie Lennox!

Wears her grandpa pants with pride.

Working on her leg and arm and neck strength.

Having an attitude about church. One month, going on sixteen.

Then of course, turning a whole month old! 
We love this little girl, and are so grateful we get to be the ones to raise her.

Bridgett's Newborns

Bridgett's newborn photos are also our updated family photos.
My friend AnnAlyse took them for us, and we are so in love!
Bridgett is already so much bigger, and looks different. She was only five days old here, and you can tell that she doesn't open her eyes as much, and was a slow-motion brand new babe. 
Now, she's moving all over the place, and those eyes are always open searching and exploring her new world. I love watching her grow, and getting to introduce her to all the great things in the world.
We're going to fill this girl's life with all the best things. 
I love the pictures of her and Quentin, and of course of our whole little family.
I'm also partial to the ones including my Mom and Little Hailey. Girl Power! 

But mostly, I love our little family (:

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bridgett Layne Wright

Bridgett finally joined our family!
It seemed like a long arduous wait, but actually once the party got started, she came super quick.

At my 38 week appointment, my belly had shrunk. It's usually normal for your belly to shrink when the baby drops, however my doctor was concerned because I had shrunk more that made sense just from a baby dropping. So he immediately sent us for an ultrasound to check out the amniotic fluid. The ultrasound showed that everything looked great, so we scheduled another ultrasound for my due date just as a precautionary measure.

My due date was Wednesday March 8th and I woke up to contractions every ten minutes at 3am. I was still planning to go to work that day, as my last day before maternity leave, and of course the contractions stopped at 7:30am, so I was at work by 8am.
By lunch time, the contractions had come back, so I headed home to spend the rest of the day with Quentin, and eat a giant cinnamon roll! It was kind of a last hoorah before becoming a family of three, and claiming that my weight gain was from a baby....

Due date heading to work! I was much more sad than the picture indicates.

I had the ultrasound, and my doctor's appointment scheduled for Thursday morning, bright and early. We showed up and headed in for the ultrasound with the tech. He explained it as a pass/fail test. If you fail, that means that you don't have enough amniotic fluid in there for the baby, and they also measure the baby's size and gestational age.
Right away the tech said that we weren't going to be going home today. He started the ultrasound, and couldn't find any amniotic fluid. For the whole rest of the ultrasound, he kept searching for pockets of fluid, but wasn't finding any. Baby girl still looked great though, so that was good.

We headed in to our appointment with Dr. Olsen. He told us right away that he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that I'd failed the test, and the good news was that we would be having a baby today! He checked me, and I was a 1.5 and 70% effaced. Then he stripped my membranes (which, by the way, everyone warned me about, and it was nothing compared to what I imagined), to get things started again, and told us to head upstairs to get induced!

I had been pretty anti getting induced. I've heard so many horror stories!
I asked Dr. Olsen how long the longest labor was for someone who'd gotten induced was. 
His response: "You don't want to know..."

But he told me that he was very confident that I'd have a baby that evening. At the latest before sunrise the next day, so that was reassuring! So hey, if he's going to be confident, I can be confident too! Plus, I really trust our doctor. Quentin and I both really liked him.

Heading upstairs for baby time!

Once we got up there, we checked in and they got me started on fluids. It was 10:30am, and Quentin wanted to head home to grab our bags, and switch out cars. Plus, pick up the carseat!

At 11am, they started the pitocin, and the real party started. Quentin and I watched a movie, I read a book, and then eventually the contractions were hard enough and strong enough that I thought I'd try some of those labor strategies. THEY WERE AWFUL. Every contraction, and they were coming about every 30 seconds, all I wanted was to be completely still, no one touching me, no one talking to me, nothing. These were the times of course that Quentin tried cracking all of his funniest jokes...
at 3pm, I asked for the epidural. 
I'd been asked a million times during this pregnancy what my birth plan was. I always felt that that was a silly question. It was my first baby, I didn't know what to expect. So I decided to go into it with an open mind, and planning to be happy with whatever the outcome. Because all babies are perfect, and every birth is perfect. I was however fully planning to get the epidural, no matter what. How much can you really enjoy something, if you're in that much pain! And I was planning to enjoy it!

So the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. It was fabulous!
It starts slow, and takes a while to work, but man, it seemed like instant relief. I am now an advocate for all epidurals, and I love them. They're miracle workers! I knew I believed in modern medicine prior to this experience, but man, my love was reaffirmed. Pretty soon after I decided to take a nap. Labor is exhausting! I feel like no one told me that.

I was still at a three after I got the epidural. Dr. Olsen came in at 5pm to break my water, and when he did - absolutely nothing came out. Both he and the nurse were kind of shocked, because they had me move around a little bit to see if that would get any fluid moving, but nope. Nothing.

I went back to my nap, and had Quentin rubbing my feet the whole time. It was the very best foot massage of my life. Quentin was a champ.

An hour later I was at a 4, this was at 6:30pm. But it had been slow progress, so our nurse, Katie suggested that I try the peanut ball between my legs. The peanut ball is basically an exercise ball that has an indent in the middle for your legs to squeeze it.
They put me on my side, and had the peanut ball in between my legs, and I promptly fell back asleep. Maybe the drugs from the epidural also make you a little bit sleepy? 
Nurse Katie came back at 7:30pm to check me, and I could tell something was either shocking or really exciting by her facial expression. As soon as she started checking me, she said 
"Uhm, I think you're at a ten! No way, you just went from a four to a ten in an hour!"

I made her check again, because, it didn't sound real.

But sure enough, she checked again and said "all I feel is babies head, your cervix is nowhere to be found." Hooray! So now I also swear by peanut balls. Peanut balls and epidurals. ALL THE WAY. Also naps. I think naps must also be beneficial during labor.

They have you do the hour wait for the baby to "rest and descend", and Quentin and I called our families and said - hey, we're probably having a baby tonight! For real!

Apparently my Mom thought that I was crying?...And so she sent out mass texts to everyone she's ever known, telling them to pray for me, because I was too nervous, and crying. Which, just for public record, wasn't true. Quentin and I were so excited, and joking around, and we kept throwing different baby names out there, and were having a great time waiting to push. It was like having a baby had just become a reality to us, and we were so excited!

At 8:50pm Nurse Katie came in and gave me instructions on how to push. Don't use your face, etc, etc. and by 9:00pm I started to push with each contraction. 
When you're super numb, like can't tell that people are touching you numb, like maybe if you held a hot iron to your leg you wouldn't even feel it numb, it's a pretty weird experience attempting to push through that. But hey! Also a challenge, and worth the numbness. At 9:30pm Katie told me I had to stop pushing, and she needed to call Dr. Olsen. Plus, she thought maybe she'd seen some meconium coming out, and so she called the NICU nurse and the respiratory therapist, who came with their helpers as well. A couple minutes later Katie told me that I really needed to cross my legs to keep that baby inside of me. 
I didn't know that that was legal. But I did it anyway.

Dr. Olsen got there at 9:45pm and we made some jokes about him taking so long. He put his gear on, and sat down while we waited for the next contraction. I felt one starting, and he said, okay - push, and whoosh! that baby came FLYING out of me. Dr. Olsen literally had to catch her little body.
She was covered in meconium, and the cord was wrapped pretty tight around her neck.
Within an instant Dr. Olsen was saying that she was floppy, and had thick meconium. He cut the cord, and almost threw her to the respiratory therapist and his team, where they started suctioning, and rubbing down, and sucking out, and stimulating to get her little body working.

Meanwhile, Dr. Olsen was talking to me, and telling me everything they were doing, since I obviously couldn't be over there. Quentin kept going back and forth from me to her, and was in a little bit of shock. Dr. Olsen explained to us that when babies are born that quickly it can shock their little bodies, and they just need a little jump start to get started. 
Looking back, it was scary, but I was completely oblivious. Quentin however was much more aware, if still in a little shock himself.
Her APGAR score after one minute was a 1. But after five minutes jumped all the way up to an 8!
Blessings, blessings, blessings.
Quentin and I had said a prayer prior to starting pushing at 9pm, and after that prayer I just knew that everything was going to be just fine. So when Dr. Olsen was telling me all the things that they were doing to and for her over in the warming bed, I really wasn't worried, because I just knew that she was going to be just fine. Our little fighter baby.

At three minutes she started to cry, and they got her weight, and height, and then we got to finally hold her, and stare at the perfect little person that we made! 
It's in the top five experiences of my whole entire life. Such wonder, and awe at a tiny little person, and spirit fresh from Heaven.
I'd do it a hundred more times. Especially if they were all just like that one, minus the scary not breathing, no heart beat, blue baby part...

Quentin and I really just stared at her, and loved on her, and kissed her sweet cheeks for hours that first night. We didn't decide on her name until the next day, and so just kept calling her Baby Girl. Pretty little Baby Girl Wright. 
However, Bridgett is a perfectly fitting name for her. It's real. It's cute. It has a million nicknames that can go along with it, and it just is her.

Bridgett was born quickly at 9:48pm
Weighing in at 6lbs 7oz
19 inches in length. 

Also, no one tells you this either. But the same second that you push that baby out, you feel amazing.
I told Dr. Olsen that I immediately felt back to my old self the second she came flying out. 
He laughed at me, but it's true! Plus, he's a guy, he wouldn't understand.

The name Bridgett had been on our name list since probably November. I'd found it on a list of names somewhere and when I mentioned it to Quentin he told me "Absolutely not"
P.S. This is a message about the power of suggestion.
Every Sunday Quentin and I discussed names. Maybe not every single Sunday, and usually not for more than two minutes tops. But it was kind of a fun tradition while pregnant to look at names on Sundays and add some to the list, and throw others off the list. 
Anyway, so every time we discussed names I suggested Bridgett. Quentin was still very much against it, and I didn't know what I was to it, except that I kept mentioning it.
Eventually - maybe like the end of January, Quentin said he thought that it was okay. Then February rolls around, and again, I've just mentioned it over and over and over again, and by then he's definitely warmed up to the idea. I really liked that there are great nickname potentials, and for some reason loved the idea that we could call her Gigi. However, now I don't think that nickname is very fitting - ha! Weird how that works.
It wasn't until we paired Bridgett with Layne - which is Quentin's middle name, that we both decided we loved it. So in the hospital, the day after she was born her name was solidified, and she's our little Bridgett! Our Bridgey, our Bridge. 
We are so completely smitten.

Starting my fluids, and not knowing when this baby might come.

Walking around during labor. THE WORST

Sleeping after the epidural. Because labor is exhausting.

Little Bridgett. Extremely upset with the outside world already.

The best feeling (:

So much love for both of them.

The proudest Dad

So tired, and sick of the hospital, and ready to be home!

Welcome home baby girl Bridgett!