Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bridgett Two Months - Blessing Day

Two months old this bebe.
She's packing on the pounds finally, and at her two month appointment was 10lbs 5 oz, and 22.5 inches long. 34th percentile for everything. This girl is very consistent.

We have been so busy this girl's whole life, and I'm hoping now that we're settled in Hollister, things will start to slow down, and we'll decide on a fun routine.
We celebrated Bridgett's two months in Washington surrounded by family for her blessing! Little baby B was blessed on May 7th, 2017 at Columbia Basin Ward by her dad and surrounded by such great men in her life. We had her Grandpa's - Roger and Kevin, and even great Grandpa's! - Dick and George. Then we had all kinds of fun Uncles - Nick and Trevor and Chad on the Wright side, and Trav and Dal and Dan on the Adamson side.

I love Bridgett's blessing dress, and she's using the blanket that I was blessed in!

After her blessing, and church, we had a BBQ at the Wright's with all the family members, and what a party! We've got really great families. I'm kind of sad to not be living in Pasco, near everyone, but then I remember that we want to explore, and we'll still be close to Sam and Chad!

We did get to spend two whole weeks in Pasco, riding horses, and four-wheelers, and playing with cousins, getting Hailey ready for PROM!, and girl's days, and everyone loved on little Bridge. It was fun to show her off to everyone, and drag her along to all our old stomping grounds. 

Okay, but honestly, isn't she gorgeous? So pretty that Hailey girl is.

We're happy to be here in Hollister, and even celebrated my first Mother's Day. It was a great first Mother's Day indeed. (:

As for here, I've already scouted out the Farmer's Market, and am thrilled to make it a part of my life, as well as all the fruit stands around, and the beach! Quentin went to his first day of work and LOVED it. He said he works for the kind of company that you see in movies. I think that's a good thing? All I know is that they feed him a catered lunch every day, and when he comes home and tells me about it, I drool all over the floor.
Bridgett has been a good little helper with unpacking - well, not crying while I unpack, and clean, and organize. I think we just need a few more things, and we should be all set for visitors! 

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  1. Okay two things- the picture with Bridgett in her carseat with the pink bow... I"M DYING! She looks so big and so sweet! I miss that tiny girl!!! And I LOVE your hair Becca. The cut and color looks awesome on you. You guys are rockin' this parenthood thing.