Monday, May 1, 2017

Good-Bye to our Cache Valley!

Cache Valley will be missed!

Quentin and I have thoroughly enjoyed living here nestled among the mountains, in our two different cozy apartments for the last, not quite, four years. We moved here without knowing a single soul, and neither one of us stepping foot in the valley, except for me one time, when I slept through a rugby game here on my way up to Rexburg, Idaho.

We rented our first house, sight unseen, and survived! It was a tad bit sketchy driving into Logan that first night when GPS dropped us off in the middle of the street, no house to be seen.
After calling the landlord a little frazzled, we found the house hidden down a little alley, behind another house. The apartment itself was cute, with the world's TINIEST bathroom.

We have lots of memories in that quirky home. From having tons of friends over to playing croquet in the yard, to building a headboard in the kitchen, to ripping apart, and reupholstering my favorite chair, the ceiling falling in one winter after lots of snow melt, and of course hosting many a friends and family in that cute place.

Our second apartment has been a vastly different experience.
It's brand new! Finished construction in August of 2016, and we moved in just a few days later.
In fact, due to how new it was, there weren't any knobs in the kitchen, the hot water wasn't turned on, and everything was perfect. Let's hope that when we move out this next week, we can get it back to that same standard...
We rented this one sight unseen too! In fact, we've rented all of the places we've lived sight unseen. We might be really trusting people now that I think of it.
This has been Bridgett's only place to call home so far, and for that it will always have a dear spot in my heart.

As for Logan, we've made so many dear, forever friends, and have created lasting memories. It's been a joy to live somewhere together that neither one of us had ties to, and we've been able to start from scratch. I'm excited for that for Hollister too! 

Logan will always be a special place for Quentin and I.
We've been so blessed to call it home, and are especially grateful for the many experiences we've had, and the memories we'll take with us.

We're all really thrilled to be moving to Hollister, California and continue making new friends, and exploring new places, and especially glad and grateful that we get to do it together, as a little family.

Some of our favorite memories from living here in the chosen land of Cache Valley, Utah:

1. Hiking, hiking and more hiking.
I think I hiked Quentin out. We've hiked those wind caves so many times, I lost count.

2. Quentin and his motorbike, and the moped.
I am the nicest wife. I allowed Quentin to buy a broken moped, and a crappy motorcycle, just so he could tinker. He loved those little things for a long time. I think we got our investment out just based on entertainment hours from them!

3. Celebrated one, two, three and four years of marriage!
And what fun years they have been! Being married to your best friend sure makes things run smoothly.

4. Became True Aggie's!

5. Quentin changed his major, and I stressed that we'd live on the streets forever with no money.

6. I got Quentin the best job EVER. He took vacation whenever he wanted, and didn't even have to ask. He's learned how to build a house on his own, and he gets to shop for tools with someone else's money! A man's shopping dream life I'm guessing. In turn, I've also had multiple jobs. My absolute most favorite ever with Dr. Lundberg. I miss that guy in my life! 
We went to him the other day for cleanings, and he told me that he'd visit us in San Fran! Yay!!

7. Have been on many camping trips. Some more eventful than others.

8.  Have made lifelong friends, whom we love and will miss!

And baby friends too!

9. Threw a fun haunted Halloween party in our basement. Complete with graves in the dirt, that we never fixed, now that I think about it. Oops!
We've been throwing a Halloween party every year since!
Sometimes Murder Mystery, sometimes casual. It's been a fun tradition to uphold.

10. Attended three of Quentin's major's paper airplane competitions and won something every single time. I was actually the winner all three years. I often teased Quentin that I probably should have done his major...

11. Reupholstered a beast of a chair. 
We never want to do that again, but it was a huge learning experience!

12. I got REALLY into sewing my own clothes, and almost doubled my wardrobe.
It was so fun to create, and make things fit me exactly how I wanted them to! Finding the fabric I wanted was the biggest problem. But I learned a lot, and feel comfortable sewing clothes for myself now, if I so desire. I also sewed us a quilt for our bed. And I made Bridgett a quilt. I'm realizing that I really expanded my sewing abilities while in Logan.

13. Refinished a table and chairs. Made a side table for our room. Made a headboard, and a coffee table, and entertainment stand. We've made or refinished a lot of furniture while in Logan. 
Quentin and I both say it's one of our favorite things to do together. We like projects!

14. I applied to and was accepted into Graduate School!
Idaho State University's online program. That seems like forever ago, and I only have a year left! Considering I don't fail out now that Bridgett is here. All I want to do is play with her!

15. We've really enjoyed playing tennis together, and golfing together. I've run quite a bit these past few years, and also went through quite a stint of showing up to the rec center for 5:45am fitness classes. I'm afraid I don't do that time anymore. But I've enjoyed being active other ways!

16. Flown on many airplanes, and Quentin has worked on many more airplanes. I've learned more about planes than I ever thought I would.

17. Moving into our new apartment, which is on the fourth floor of an apartment complex. It makes for really astounding views, and a great canyon breeze, however moving all of our junk up all those flights of stairs at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy was not so nice. We laugh about all the stuff we had, that we sold, and how we are now minimalists with stuff! We're also so grateful for good friends who helped us move in!

We also realized after moving out of the house we lived in, that we're so grateful to not live there anymore! And that we're becoming high maintenance people. oops!

18. My most favorite memory from Logan though is growing and having little Bridgett here.
We love her so much! And because of that Logan will always be so special to us.
When we first moved here to Logan, in 2013, I told Quentin I really wanted to have our first child here, it almost didn't happen! But I felt that way because it just feels like when you live someplace long enough, you need those tangible memories, and now we can always look back on our time here in Logan and remember all the good things that come from becoming a family of three!

Also, Bridgett smiles at you now, and IT IS KILLING ME!
She's so adorable. I love her, I love her, I love her!

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