Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bridgett 3 Months

This girl is the best!
She's almost four months now, but these pictures were taken right around 3 months. I weighed her the other day when we were in Washington- 14 pounds! I'm hoping her added poundage will finally give me those toned arms I'm perpetually chasing after.

Bridgett still only rolls over occasionally.
This girl loves our daily walks and runs, and loves to be outside all the time.
She's easy-going, and is a champ when we drag her all over the world, thankfully! Unless she's hungry, 'cause this girl is all about being hangry. Gotta keep up the chub I guess.
Her favorite food is her hands, although you wouldn't know it.
She's just started to find her feet, and loves to blow bubbles!
I'm proud of all her glottal sounds, and cooing going on. I'm hoping and praying we've got a talker on our hands. She sometimes has the tiniest dimple in her right cheek when she smiles.
She's already got the sweetest temperament, and we love, love, love her!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello Sunny California!

Since we live in California now, we're really embracing it, and doing all the California things, including, but not limited to...traffic!

Someone said it best when they said:
 " California is great, the only problem is that 30 million other people also think it's great."
That's a lot of people, but so far, we're agreeing with all those millions of people!

Hollister is a different California than I was expecting though. And for that reason, we're really loving it. It's a pretty little town, population of 37,000 and tons of agriculture going on around us. Just to get to Hollister you have to drive through the garlic fields of Gilroy (the first time we drove through those, I thought it smelled like rotting garlic out in those fields...) and then through orchards of cherries, and apricots, and limes (!), and fields of strawberries and other plants that I don't even know what they are. True story. There's lots of little stands along the highways saying "Stop here!", "Best Cherries!", and "Yummy Apricots!". They get me every time, I'm a sucker for fresh produce.
Now, I'm just waiting for good corn on the cob, and blackberries! Oh, and watermelon! Yes, I think we're going to be really happy here.

Quentin's first week of work he had to commute up to Mountain View every day. He HATED it. I hated it. We all hated it. He was leaving around 5am every day, and not getting back until around 5pm because of traffic. It was annoying for me, and Quentin was worried that it was going to be the new normal. And if you know Quentin, you know he doesn't do well getting up super early on a regular basis. The good news is that that was not normal! Yay! Ever since that first week, he hasn't gone back up there at all, and he says he doesn't see any need for him to go up there again for quite some time. Which is great on all ends. He goes to work at 7am now, and comes home at 3:30pm. Dream life! His commute is less than 10 minutes, and I wish he'd come home for lunch so we could hang out, but instead his company pays for them to go out to lunch every day. EVERY DAY. He's started ordering salads, and he's taken up running with me again. Good choice.

Bridgett and I are enjoying our days together. She's getting to be such a ham, and a Mama's girl. Uh oh. I've been kind of worried about that, because girl's got to have her freedom! Girl, meaning me. I want to be able to go out and do stuff, and leave the babe at home, or with someone else, but let's just say she's pretty vocal about who her favorite person is these days...

Any and all advice is welcome on this matter. (Take this as your one chance to give that parenting advice you've always wanted to voice!)

She is starting to even be a little difficult to Quentin.
Last night I went out to a girls night thing, where we learned all different kinds of bread to make, it was first off, extremely tasty, and second, so much fun.
Usually Bridgett goes to bed at 8pm easy peasy. Wrap the girl up, give her a binky if she wants it, lay her down, and off she goes. But last night Quentin said she just screamed at him for 20 minutes, and then laid there, quietly. But refused to go to sleep. And she was still laying there, wide awake when I got home at almost 10. Whaaaaat. But then as soon as I wrapped her up, and laid her down, off she went to sleep, the little stinker.

Bridgett's personality is really starting to take off I think. She's super chill, and loves to be outside, and seeing new things. Honestly, this girl just loves to be out and about.
We go on walks and runs every day, and I think it's her favorite part of the day. She's always grinning at nothing, and looking around at everything. She also LOVES to stand. She also likes to sit up, and pretty much always likes to face out. She's just a curious girl, and I hope she always is.

Bridgett's smile and giggle are so dang cute. I would eat her if I could. But, I won't.
Quentin and I still just die over her every single morning. She wakes up silently but peers over our bed with those pretty blue eyes, just looking around, happy to be awake I guess.
Morning Bridgett really is the best Bridgett. The second you make eye contact with her, she's grinning at you, and making you feel like a million bucks. I think everyone in the world could use a self-esteem boost like that once in a while, so I say - everyone, have a baby!
She's starting to develop her giggle, and it's adorable guys.

Haha, she loves this swing/jumper thing. Mostly she just swings though.

She turned 3 months this last week, and I'm loving every single day with her.
I was always a little worried that stay-at-home parenting would not fulfill my social needs in life. I like people, I just do. But as I've gotten older, I've also come to enjoy my alone time, and my productive time. I know that I'm way more productive when I'm by myself and usually with a deadline ahead of me too. So it's different not having many deadlines (except school...which I accidentally often forget that I'm still doing...oops), so I've made my own deadlines, and schedule! It works for me, and makes me get crap done!

So, I've casually set a few goals for myself for the next little while.

I want to get back into sewing. I want to make Bridge some cute rompers because rompers are baby life I tell ya. So comfy and cool in the summertime especially.

I also signed up for a half marathon! And I made my little sister sign up with me. I've been contemplating getting back into running for a while.
Last summer I was running, and even while I was pregnant I was running occasionally, but I decided I want to be good at it, at least for the next little while. Then I'll probably pick a different exercise hobby. But for now it's running, and one half marathon! Not until November though, so I've got tiiiiime.

I really want to get to know Hollister like I know my other towns.
I know that this takes time, and blah, blah, blah. But sometimes I'm inpatient, especially if I feel like I'm missing out on something. For example, strawberry and cherry season.
There are so many cherry orchards, and strawberry fields, and I just kept thinking, there has GOT to be a u-pick place around here, or better yet, someone has got to let you glean their leftovers or pick the pollinators, right? Unfortunately, I don't know everyone in Hollister yet, and so I don't even know who to ask. But! I went to a bread making class taught by this sweet lady in our ward (fabulous braided bread by the way, and now I feel like I can make pretty bread for any occasion!), anyway, there were some other people there, and one just so happened to be talking about picking cherries for free! I strategically sidled myself into that conversation, and the next morning I was picking cherries in the rain! I might have over done it, because I came home with buckets of cherries, and I've been handing them out to everyone I know. But they're so goood! And fresh! And sweet! And it felt like home to me.
On a side note, if you know of any good cherry recipes, send them my way!

Those are my only goals so far.
Other than that Bridgett and I are preparing for our first solo flight at the end of this week, and getting ready for a week of clinicals in Boise. yay!
I'm trying to cram my brain full of information on working with adults, and praying that Bridgett will be good for my Mom all day while I'm away.
I'm excited to get to spend some time at the farmhouse, and see our families again!
And both of our families have some great trips planned in July.

We went up into San Francisco this past weekend. Quentin's company was doing a thing on one of the piers. A test flight of their toy, I think it's called a flyer. It is kind of like a jet-ski above water. Anyway, we went up there for that with Sam and Chad and Max, and then Q and I and Bridgett walked up to Pier 39, and Fisherman's Wharf, and Ghiradelli square. We made a day of it, and really just enjoyed walking around and eating our way through the city. We walked through the ferry building, and split a donut for breakfast. Super healthy, I know. Then we had lunch at a place called The Codmother's Fish & Chips.
Those were some dang delicious fish and chips. Quentin and I split one order, and we were both stuffed, plus, they were British style, which I don't know if I know a difference, but I have had the best fish and chips of my life in England, so that was a definite plus for them too, and we were starving after walking for hours and hours. So good.
Bridgett was a little champ! I told you she loves to be outside, and the wind and chill didn't even bother her. She took a couple naps in her stroller, and just was thoroughly entertained being paraded around the city I think. We say so many sea lions on one of the piers, and some were so big and fat, I felt like a kid again laughing at them diving in and out of the water onto the docks. Sea lions are just some funny animals. Also, so many birds pooping there. Gross.

I'm enjoying having San Fran be close enough that we can go quite often, but not live in it. But also, I don't have to cram everything touristy and fun into one day. That's what I'm loving about it right now. After all our walking, we went back to Sam and Chad's and took naps.
Now, that's what I call a good Saturday.

Some cute cuddling cousins: