Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bridgett 3 Months

This girl is the best!
She's almost four months now, but these pictures were taken right around 3 months. I weighed her the other day when we were in Washington- 14 pounds! I'm hoping her added poundage will finally give me those toned arms I'm perpetually chasing after.

Bridgett still only rolls over occasionally.
This girl loves our daily walks and runs, and loves to be outside all the time.
She's easy-going, and is a champ when we drag her all over the world, thankfully! Unless she's hungry, 'cause this girl is all about being hangry. Gotta keep up the chub I guess.
Her favorite food is her hands, although you wouldn't know it.
She's just started to find her feet, and loves to blow bubbles!
I'm proud of all her glottal sounds, and cooing going on. I'm hoping and praying we've got a talker on our hands. She sometimes has the tiniest dimple in her right cheek when she smiles.
She's already got the sweetest temperament, and we love, love, love her!

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