Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bridgett 4 Months

Our little chunk of love.
Bridge was 14 lbs 7 oz at her last appointment - 60th percentile!
22 Inches long - 15th percentile... 
She's only grown 3 inches since being born? Our doctor, who is this nice Asian guy named Dr. Wong was asking me about my family's height characteristics and Quentin's height after he noticed the distance in percentiles. I laughed and told him we weren't expecting her to be tall by any means. So we're not concerned about it. Hopefully she grows some more by six months though!

She's taken to rolling from her front to her back constantly now, but then just cries, because she doesn't love being on her back. She is full on giggling, and smiling and is a definite Mama's girl. She eats her feet constantly and LOVES all the crinkly books and things.
She gets more fun every day, we love her!

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